Pisces: The Fishes

Living the Dream

Jutta Kuss/Getty Images

Pisces is the fish sign that's dreamy and often artistic. 

Pisces' symbol -- the Fishes -- goes along with the elusive, slippery nature of these mysterious souls. Dreamy, artistic, empathic, otherworldly -- these describe many with strong Pisces signatures in the birth chart.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and thus seem at times mysteriously checked out from the ordinary moment. Pisces souls are on their way back to the mystery and feel its alluring pull.

Pisces in love is enchanting, evasive and sometimes the victim. 

But Pisces have a role to play in Earth school, or likely, they would remain in more heavenly realms. Some find it hard to deal with reality, and seek escapism or to merge with others. It's like they sense the great beyond, and are always homesick for that realm.

And yet, Pisces is uncommonly strong when fully inspired by a mission or in the pursuit of a dream. Ruled by Jupiter (traditional) and Neptune (modern), Pisces comes alive when she has a guiding vision. And yet, much about the Pisces experience is to follow the signs moment-by-moment, leaving a lot of room to go with the flow. 

Pisces in Love

A Pisces is caring and forgiving, awash in feelings, impressions, and moods. Some put out a siren call, and attract a hero to save them. Pisces is known to play the martyr, too, when he or she offers up their energetic being -- body and soul -- to another, and that's dangerous. 

Pisces has a natural instinct to pour itself into those it loves but should protect against psycho-sexual opportunists.

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They're a sign of complexity, but one strong inclination is toward retreat. This enables Pisces to be with the waves, and calm the inner waters (the psyche). Some are healers, artists, performers, musicians, or work in relief fields for people or animals.

On the Verge of Pisces

These special people are born just before Spring, with nature is on edge with anticipation of the new greening. Very often, it's not the time for beginning something new, but one for completion. It is time to prepare for a new cycle, by making space. Spaciousness and solitude are what Pisces craves.

Pisces people have a gift for finishing what others start, healing the loose ends of the past, or making art with universal themes.   

Pisces Associations

  • Element is Water (malleable, enchanting).
  • Quality is Mutable (changeable).
  • Pisces is Feminine (magnetic, responsive)
  • Polarity is Virgo.
  • Ruler is Neptune; traditional ruler is Jupiter.
  • Natural House is Twelfth.
  • Phrase is "I believe."
  • Body Association: feet.
  • Season is on the verge of Spring.
  • Colors are surprise creations of the sea or forest like iridescent, luminously lit from within, moss green, pearly, pure pink of the conch shell, sky blue and ocean green in magical places.
  • Rules Neptunium, white gold, platinum.
  • Birthstone is aquamarine.
  • Other meaningful gemstones are chrysolite, moonstone, pearls, coral, amethyst, yellow calcite, white jade, green jasper, kyanite, nephrite.

Pisces flowers are the water lily, associated with Neptune (Pisces' ruler), roses, dandelions, carnations, cosmos, poppy, lotus, lavender, bat flower, orchid, Amazon lily, blue pendant ginger, poppy.

Pisces animals are creatures of the sea, including dolphins, whales. Watery amphibians like frogs, salamanders. Exotic fish like clown, silver dollar, angelfish, butterfly fish, batfish. Water birds like flamingoes, cranes, storks, pelicans.

At the extreme edges, Pisces is the lost child, easily victimized, and unable to establish boundaries of Self. Pisces folk often seem to have porous boundaries, between them and others (or the environment). They're especially sensitive to mind-altering substances.

Pisces people thrive when their multi-dimensionality -- this sense of being tuned in beyond this world -- is expressed through work and relationships.

Their dream life is as real as their day in the topside world. They become empowered when they find enough solitude and draw on their strong mystical connections.

The Dates for Pisces change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. Sun into Pisces is the last of winter's quiet, a reflective time before the big bang of Spring. The dates, give or take a day, fall between February 18 and March 20.