Pictures of Men's Formal Haircuts

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A Short Caesar

Neat and Classic Style Slaven Vlasic | Getty.

Great Options for Important Events

Proms, weddings, and other formal events are places where you'll be photographed more than ever -- and these pictures will be around for a lifetime. When choosing a style for a formal occasion, keep the style well groomed and classic. Trust me, you won't want that Faux Hawk to show up in photos people will be looking at 20 years from now.

In this picture gallery, you'll find several great options for men looking for a haircut that's perfect for a wedding, prom, or another formal occasion. Notes on each style are included. To get the haircut you want, I recommend printing the photo and taking it with you to your barber or stylist.

For even more pictures of men's haircuts, browse our hairstyle galleries and be sure to read our men's product guides and let us show you how to get a great men's haircut and how to choose the best hair length for you.

For those who prefer a shorter, more natural style, the Caesar will work well for the most formal occasion.

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Slick and Parted

A Short and Formal Option Mike Flokis | Getty.

This style takes the classic taper and makes it more formal with a neat side part.

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Medium Length Style

A Natural Option for Medium Length Hair Mark Mainz | Getty.

This medium layer cut is given a neater look with a side part. This is a good option for guys who want to look neat with little product.

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Neat with a Dry Look

Formal Style with Little Product Mark Mainz | Getty.

This is a good option for a guy with shorter hair who does not want to look like he's got too much product in his hair. The side part adds a formal flair.

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A Side Part with Pomade

High Shine and High Style Frazer Harrison | Getty.

This haircut is made more formal with a heavy application of pomade and a neat side part. Be careful with this one as it may come off as looking "nerdy" on the wrong guy.

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Pomaded and Parted

Slick Style for Medium Length Hair Frazer Harrison | Getty.

This is another formal option for a guy with medium length hair. Pomade adds shine and control.

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Controlled Style

A Dry Look That's Still Formal Mark Mainz | Getty.

To achieve this style, apply styling gel to damp hair and comb into place. Allow the style to dry and comb through. A light application of spray will set the style.

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Short and Neat

Formal with Texture Frazier Harrison | Getty.

This style can work well in formal settings, but a dab of pomade adds some texture and separation.

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Aggressively Short and Clean

A Formal Option for Short Hair Jerry Markland | Getty.

This style, while aggressively short on the sides and back, works for formal events because of the well groomed top.

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Short & Formal

A More Natural Looking Option © Barbiedohl |

This style is a classic Ivy League -- it's short, but still neat enough to be considered formal.

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Short & Natural

A Natural Option That's Still Neat © Grafphotog... |

This style is a bit more casual, but still a timeless haircut that will look good in photos 20 years from now.

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Long & Neat

A Good Option for Long Haired Guys © Berekin |

This style maintains the long hair, but proves long hair can still look good in formal settings.