Pictures of Men With a Bald Head or Shaved Head

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Perfect Heads That Need No Hair

Premiere Of STARZ 'Blunt Talk' - Arrivals
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

These pictures show that whether you've got a bald head by choice or because it's your only choice, a shaved head can be appealing and sexy—no matter how young or old you happen to be.

If you're thinking of sporting the hairless look, be sure to read about the best products to use on a bald or shaved head.

To Baldly Go...

Since the late eighties, Patrick Stewart has proven that a bald head can be a great option. Razors locked in... engage!

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Even Younger Guys Are Taking It Off

A Shaved Head Gives a Youthful Look
Dash |

Today, going bald is a choice even guys with full heads of hair are making.

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A Bald American Idol

FOX's 'American Idol' Finale For The Farewell Season - Arrivals
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Hordes of young women lose control when this bald man takes the stage. Ask most women if Chris Daughtry is sexy and you'll hear a resounding, "yes!"

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A Bald Head Can Give a Youthful Appearance

A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair | akurtz

Combine a shaved head with a bit of facial scruff for a fresh, younger look.

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A Shaved Head Conceals Male Pattern Baldness

A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair | ptoptenor

If this guy grew his hair out a bit, it would add ten years to his look. A shaved head hides the fact that he's balding and gives a more youthful look.

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Yippie Kay Yay, Baldie!

Die Hard 4.0 German Premiere
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Even at middle age, Bruce Willis still kicks butt! His ex-wife Demi Moore even adopted the look for a bit.

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A Shaved Head Conceals Premature Baldness

A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair
Felix Casio |

This is a great example of the right way to handle premature baldness—take it off.

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A Bald Role Model

Off Court At The 2018 Australian Open
Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

In his youth, Andre Agassi had one of the worst mullets in sports. In 1995, Agassi shaved his head and created a whole new look—one that's worked well for him ever since.

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This Bald Head Cooks!

Tom Colicchio Unveils A New Program At The John Hancock Vitality Marketplace
John Lamparski/WireImage/Getty Images

Tom Colicchio shows that a bald head can really add emphasis to stunning eyes. This Top Chef judge made the right move by taking it off.