Pictures of Male Stars with Long Hair

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Barry Watson

Barry Watson haircut
Photo © Federick M. Brown | Getty Images.

Long Haircuts for Men

Men looking for long hairstyle options will find plenty inspiration in this gallery of male stars with long hair. From long layers to casual shag cuts, this gallery contains a variety of styles. From long layers to casual shag cuts, this gallery contains a variety of hairstyles for men. To make sure you get the haircut you want, I recommend printing the desired photo and taking it with you to your stylist.

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Seventh Heaven alum Barry Watson is working a medium shag in this photo. Just a bit of styling cream and a quick run through with the fingers is all it takes to make this style look great.

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Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell haircut
Photo © Vittorio Zunino | Getty Images.

Colin Farrell is an actor who is certainly not afraid to change up his look from time to time. For this style, he's wearing shoulder-length layers razored and the ends for movement and separation.

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Gaspard Ulliel

Gaspard Ulliel haircut
Photo © Alberto E. Rodriguez | Getty Images.

Actor Gaspard Ulliel has the head of hair that most guys would love to have -- and most women would love to run their fingers through. His long layer cut is worn with just a bit of styling cream for shine and separation.

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Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki haircut
Photo © Kevin Winter | Getty Images.

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki's short shag cut looks great on him. With the shorter back and fuller sides, this style could come off as being a bit feminine, but he combines it with a little facial scruff for a look that works amazingly well.

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Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer haircut
Photo © Frazer Harrison Getty Images.

Although House doc Jesse recently went short, I think I actually liked his longer look better. The style frames his face very well and the length offers him great versatility.

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Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint haircut
Photo © Alberto E. Rodriguez | Getty Images.

Rupert Grint doesn't have your typical leading man good looks, but I like his quirky style. His shag haircut really allows his amazing red hair to really stand out.

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Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway haircut
Photo © Scott Gries | Getty Images.

Lost star Josh Holloway looks as if he could have spent some time stranded on an island -- with a team of hairstylists. His razored shag works well -- it moves and seems to invite you to run your fingers through it.

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Ashley Parker Angel

Ashley Parker Angel haircut
Photo © Paul Hawthorne | Getty Images.

Ashley Parker Angel has since ditched his blond shag for a shorter style in his natural color, but I like the casual beach bum look of this cut. Plop him down on a beach with a surf board and he'd look right at home.

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Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal haircut
Photo © Francois Durand | Getty Images.

Tennis star Rafael Nadal shows that you can be an athlete and still work long hair.

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Stephen R. McQueen

Stephen R. McQueen haircut
Photo © Sam Morris | Getty Images.

Vampire Diaries star Stephen R. McQueen has a style that doesn't suck. His loose shag is versatile -- it can be worn loose as seen here or styled neatly with a bit of pomade for a more formal look.

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Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch haircut
Photo © David Livingston | Getty Images.

This Friday Night Lights star's long shag looks terrific and frames his face perfectly. A little styling cream adds shine and just a bit of separation.

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Vigo Mortensen

Vigo Mortensen haircut
Photo © Kevin Winter | Getty Images.

Vigo Mortensen is a bit more mature than the other celebrities in this gallery, but he's a great example of how a middle aged man can pull off longer hair and still look great.