Picking a Catchy Title for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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​Running a successful crowdfunding campaign takes a certain amount of planning, skill, and well, luck. Let's look at the finer parts of the crowdfunding process, like picking a title for your campaign.

Headlines Are Important Because They're the Context

The headline title of your campaign is what your prospective backers will see first. It's what they call you. It's the first thing they begin to understand about your crowdfunding campaign.

This is cold, hard copywriting. If that's a new term, copywriting is the old art of writing marketing text that engages with your audience and influences them to buy or support your project.

Copywriters frequently talk about the importance of a title on a newspaper article, an advertisement, or a blog post. In today's market, you have a wink-and-a-blink to convince your prospective target customer that it's worth reading a bit about your project. 

That's what your headline is all about. Getting someone to pay attention. The purpose of your crowdfunding campaign's headline is to get someone to click on your campaign and read the next sentence. What should you name your crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Best Practices in Naming Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Like most things in life, there really isn't just one answer to this question. But there are certainly some rules in naming your crowdfunding campaign that can make your campaign more likely to hit its financial goals. When naming your crowdfunding campaign, do the following:

  • Understand that the name is how you get people to read further. The title of your crowdfunding campaign is what gets people to click on your campaign to learn more. It's important. Understand that importance.
  • Be descriptive: This is important -- don't just call your crowdfunding campaign by the name of your product and leave it at that. You can't lure your readers in by just your product's name. They need to be lead with a description of what your product is. But before you write that description, read my next bullet point...
  • Describe your product's benefits, not features: Crafting an awesome title for your crowdfunding campaigns means describing your product in a language that will captivate your readers. How do you do that? Not by talking about the technical features. That can get lost on many readers. Instead of focusing on writing about features, write about the benefits your product will provide your backers (or society in general if that's how you roll). Remember, the acronym, WIFM (What's In It For Me). Tell the reader what's in it for him or her by backing your crowdfunding project.
  • Get aspirational: So, you're working on your crafting the perfect title for your crowdfunding campaign. You understand why this is important. You're aiming to be descriptive with your text and focussing on your crowdfunding campaign's benefits (not features). The last thing you should keep in mind is that backers want to support crowdfunding campaigns that make them look smart. That makes them feel good. That they can brag about or share with their friends. When you're writing your perfect headline for your crowdfunding campaign, try to work in the aspirational aspects of what you're doing. It is a tough balancing act—between describing your campaign and getting people excited about it as well (all in one short sentence!).