The 5 Best Piano Method Books for Children Aged 7 and Up in 2019

girl playing piano


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Do you have a child who is starting to take piano lessons? Buying the right lesson book now can help build a solid foundation for beginning music students. The books listed below are five of the best piano books on the market today, aimed at primer or beginner levels. The books are easy enough to understand so that you, as a parent or guardian, will be able to teach your child the basics of piano playing with no difficulty, and attractive to and easily understood by children. They would also be a good supplement for whatever material your child is using if he/she is already enrolled in music lessons.

Top Five Beginning Piano Books

Suitable for children 7 years old and above, Alfred's Basic Piano Library Book Level 1A starts by familiarizing the students with the white and black keys of the piano. The music pieces are presented in a simple manner and would be easily understood by young piano learners. The book then presents space and line notes on both the bass and treble clefs, and an introduction to the flat and sharp signs, intervals, and reading the grand staff. The book features such fun tunes as Old MacDonald and Jingle Bells and is a solid foundation for any child just starting out.

The Bastien Piano Method uses a multi-key approach to teaching children to play the piano, and suitable for kids 7 and above. Original music pieces are studied in varying music styles such as pop and classical. All the books in the Bastien Piano Basics series are correlated and present lessons in Music Theory, Technique, and Performance in a logical sequence. The pages are fully illustrated and colorful enough to both attract and inspire young pianists.

The beginning book from Hal Leonard begins by introducing finger numbers, the white and black keys, and simple rhythm patterns. Piano learners are introduced to the grand staff, the bass and treble clefs, and reading by intervals. The pages are fully illustrated and colorful, with guide illustrations for correct finger placement and large notes for easier reading.

Music Tree's Time to Begin begins by introducing the keyboard, locating the Middle C, note values, note names and the grand staff. There is a strong emphasis on musicianship, such as teaching the proper way to sit, correct finger placement, and the use of the pedal. The lessons are presented in a sequential manner and have reviews for skills already learned.

This is the primer book for children written by Frances Clark. The book has drills, music theory, and games and puzzles to reinforce the lessons. The illustrations and lesson presentation are child-friendly. Pages are colorful and notes are large for easy reading. The Music Tree books help develop creative and independent pianists.