20 Short, Sleek, and Sexy Hairstyles

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Find Your Next Short Hairstyle

Michelle Williams
Walter McBride for Getty

It takes guts to go really short, but the results can be very cool. Whether you're seeking a cut that's sexy or funky or sweet, there are many hairstyles for you to choose from.

You can go super short or opt for long layers. Choose a funky pompadour or a sweet, soft pixie. With the help of a few celebrities who went short, your sure to find some inspiration before you hit the salon.

When deciding on a short hairstyle and cut, you'll want to consider which will complement your face shape as well as your hair texture.

While the pixie can work for any face shape, it may not work for really thick or curly hair, for instance. Likewise, if you have a longer face with a high hairline, some side-swept bangs can cover your forehead. You'll also want to think about maintenance as well. Shorter hairstyles need to be kept up with regular trims to keep them looking great. 

Michelle Williams' Pixie

Michelle Williams wears an adorable and sexy pixie hairstyle. The long layers offer a soft look and this is a very popular hairstyle among women who love short hair.

Williams talked to Elle UK about her popular hairstyle. "I feel like myself with short hair. And it's been a really long time since I had long hair, five years. Of course, the only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair. I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it."

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Halle Berry's Pixie

Halle Berry
Jason Merritt/Getty

For years, Halle Berry wore this signature pixie and it is a gorgeous look. She once told Elle Magazine that she feels most like herself in super short hair. "I love short hair—that’s me, that’s who I am. I just feel confident and feel like my best self when I have short hair," Berry said.

The cut has a lot of volume thanks to the mussy layers and it highlights Berry's beautiful face. It can also be styled in various ways, from this quick, messier look to a sleeker look whenever you like.

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Anne Hathaway's Pixie

Anne Hathaway
Jamie McCarthy // Getty Images

Anne Hathaway may be well-known for her long hair, but this pixie was an excellent style on her as well. It's left just a little longer on top to add volume and the wisps over her forehead are both adorable and sexy.

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Eva Pigford's Sexy Cropped 'Do

Eva Pigford
Mark Davis for Getty

Eva Pigford chose a short cut that matches her bold personality. The bright blonde color is a fabulous contrast to her skin and dark eyes. By going this short, she's also showing offer her long neck, which only makes her more glamorous.

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Ariane Davis' Cute Curls

Ariane Davis
Vivien Killilea for Getty

If you're not that edgy, Ariane Davis has a super cute version of the pixie. It is cut just as close to her head and has plenty of layers, but it also has some soft curls. This one is elegant and fun, perfect for anyone with a happy-go-lucky personality.

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Rihanna's Pixie

Christopher Polk // Getty Images

Rihanna is another beautiful woman who goes back and forth between long and short hair. This soft pixie was one of the best short styles she has worn. It has great layers and excellent volume to accent her heart-shaped face. This look would require just a minimal amount of styling every day, so it's great for a busy lifestyle.

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Miley Cyrus's Edgy 'So

Miley Cyrus
Steven Lawton // Getty Images

Miley Cyrus wore this platinum 'do for a couple years. It was quite controversial, but Cyrus loved it.

Apparently, Miley wanted to go short for a long time. When she was 15, she was interviewed on ABC News and pointed to a photo of model Twiggy with pixie hair. She said, "One day I'm gonna cut my hair like that. I know I am. I know I will one day."

It's not exactly a pixie haircut, though. Cyrus is sporting a pompadour, also known as a "quiff." This stylish, edgy cut has been seen on many celebrities, including the singers Pink and Rihanna.

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Singer Pink

Singer Pink
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Pink's sported short hair for many years and she often wears a pompadour. It has become her signature look and plays up her great personality. One of the more unusual styles is this pink quiff. It's a ton of fun and sure to get some attention.

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Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie Alexander
Michael Stewart for Getty Images

Actress Jaimie Alexander debuted her short, cropped cut in April 2016. "For me, the greatest part of beauty is confidence, so I recommend wearing something you really feel comfortable in that is maybe an extension of your personality. Don’t try to be anybody but yourself," she told USA Today. 

If the pixie seems a bit subdued for you, try the pompadour. Alexander's look is fun and hip, but it's also very elegant. It looks lovely with her dark brown hair and round face, adding length because all of the hair is ​on top.

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Esther Quek's Spiked 'Do

Editor in Chief of Citizen K Arabia Esther Quek
Kristin Sinclair/Getty

Fashion editor Esther Quek is always at the top of the fashion scene. She regularly wears some of the funkiest hair you will see and always does it with great style. This spiky blonde cut is a fun idea that many women can pull off, especially if you like making a statement.

She's also known for pairing her short hair with amazing earrings. That's something that many longer hairstyles simply cover up.

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Ruby Rose's Red and Edgy Cut

Ruby Rose
Lisa Maree Williams for Getty

You don't have to go with a full pompadour or spikes to show off your edgy personality. Ruby Rose has a stunning style that's as much about the ruby color as it is the mussy spikes. It's a great look for her distinct bone structure, adding balance with the volume on top.

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Sharon Osbourne's Signature Red

Sharon Osbourne
Alex Huckle for Getty

Sharon Osbourne is frequently seen in this bright red hair. It's a great color for her skin tone and this cut is one of her favorites.

Whether you go with the ruby-red color or not, it's a great cut for older women. It's casual and professional at the same time. Plus, you can grow it a little longer or let your bangs hang down more, as Osbourne often does.

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Kris Jenner's Youthful Cut

Kris Jenner and daughter Kylie
Vivien Killilea for Getty

Kris Jenner has always worn her hair short and this is one of the edgier versions. It's actually quite sweet and doesn't look too young or too old, so it's a fantastic choice for older women with almost any face shape. The side-swept bangs really make the look and draw attention to her stunning eyes.

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Jessie J

Jessie J
Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Singer Jessie J has a super short cropped platinum hairstyle that would look great on many women. While it's unusual to frame the forehead with short layers that fall straight down onto the forehead, it really works. It's especially flattering to her round face and allows her eyes to be the main focus.

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Ruby Rose's Slicked Look

Ruby Rose
Caroline McCredie // Getty Images

Slicked back is a great look for short hair. Ruby Rose has the perfect face for this look because her hair doesn't detract from her heart-shaped face. You may need to grow your hair out a little bit more to pull it off, but the bangs can always be swept to the side when you don't want to slick them back.

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Devyn Abdullah

Devyn Abdullah
Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images)

This hairstyle on model Devyn Abdullah is simply gorgeous. It's a bit of a pixie in the back, which elongates her elegant neck. Her longer bangs show off her beautiful eyes, especially with the darker makeup that's so flattering to her skin tone. This is one of those cuts that would work for many women.

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Sarah Harding's Side-Swept Bangs

Sarah Harding
Dave Hogan

Going longer in the front adds a modern flair to the average pixie. Side-swept bangs may have started as a trend, but they're here to stay. Sara Harding's cut is sweet and can work on any face shape for women of any age.

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Kathy Weber's Dark Layers

Kathy Weber
Jasmin Gerat // Getty Images

You can also give those bangs more layers and drape them along your forehead. Kathy Weber's dark, thick hair is perfect for this. She has tons of volume on top to balance out her facial features. The contrast between her hair color and skin tone, along with those bangs, bring all the attention to her gorgeous eyes.

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Laura De Boer's Sweet Sweep

Laura de Boer
Pascal Le Segretain for Getty Images

Laura De Boer has the perfect personality and face to make this simple cut work. It's very pretty, casual, and a great fit for her straight hair. The auburn highlights give her hair great dimension. Without them, this may be a little too flat.

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A Blunt Cut

Paris Fashion Week street scene
Edward Berthelot for Getty

Paris Fashion Week is a great place to spot new hairstyles, especially short, edgy ones. This super short blunt cut is one of the gems you can find there. It's hip, modern, and very fashionable, exactly what you want if you're looking to make a statement.