All About the Phantom Manga from TokyoPop

How Long Did the Phantom Manga Go For?

Phantom Manga by TokyoPop
Phantom Manga by TokyoPop.

What They Say

Welcome to the future. Please take a number. Sometime in the not-so-distant future, multi-national corporations have taken over. The boundaries of countries have weakened, and absolute corporate rule is the law of the land. But though the canopy of greed obscures most light, hope still manages to grow in the hearts of a dedicated group of men and women who will fight for the people’s rights to their dying breath. This is their story, the story of their mecha—the Tactical Costume—and of one very talented and reckless police officer called K, an agile mech pilot in Neo Seoul police's high-speed mobile unit--specializes in chasing down and eradicating terrorists. His duty has always been to protect the citizens, and he's given little thought to the mega-corporations that run the city. But when an ordinary arrest explodes into a nightmarish battle, K is painfully forced to question his convictions. Stripped of all sense of right and wrong, K must make a terrible choice--either join his enemies, or lose all sense of justice!

Is Phantom Really a Manga Series?

The word manga is really just the Japanese word for comic book and, in Japan, the word refers to Japanese series such as Dragon Ball and Bleach as well as Western hits like Avengers and Spider-man. Many Western readers however use manga to exclusively refer to Japan-produced comic books so in this sense Phantom isn’t a manga series at all, though it is definitely a comic book series heavily inspired by Japanese comics and published by a North American publisher who typically focused on manga distribution, TokyoPop.

How Many Volumes of the Phantom Manga are There?

The Phantom manga ran for five volumes which have all been released by TokyoPop and were releaed between January 2007 and April 2008.

Where Can I Buy the Phantom Manga Series?

The Phantom manga was published by TokyoPop and several volumes can still be found for sale on Amazon and other online retailers. Due to the age of the series, first print editions of each volume are quite difficult to come by and many fans may need to invest in second-hand or used copies.

Who Should Read the Phantom Manga?

The Phantom manga series is targeted towards young teenagers onwards and is rated T13 in the U.S.A.. There is a medium level of violent themes throughout which makes it inappropriate for younger readers though mature-age readers may find some of the writing too immature to be as enjoyable as other better-written series.

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