A Synopsis of the Peter Pan Ballet

The Lost Shadow and the Beginnings of an Unforgettable Adventure

LdF/Getty Images

Act I

The ballet opens in the Darling’s children’s room. It’s a pleasant scene while Michael, John, Wendy and their dog, Nana, play one last time before the evening folds. Mr. and Mrs. Darling come into their bedroom with Liza, their maid, and prepare the children for bed. Mr. and Mrs. Darling are going to a dinner party after the children are tucked in.

When the children finally fall asleep, their parents leave and the maid returns to her quarters. After things quiet down, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan’s fairy, flies through the open window with Peter Pan quickly following. Peter Pan is frantically looking for his lost shadow. He finds his shadow, but he can’t get it to stick to him. Wendy wakes up to see Peter Pan’s dilemma.

She takes out a needle and thread and sews Peter Pan and his shadow back together. John and Michael finally wake up to the evening’s commotion. Peter Pan, with the help of Tinkerbell’s fairy dust, teaches all of them how to fly. The children fly out the window following Peter Pan to Never Never Land.

Wendy, Michael, John, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell arrive in Never Never Land in the evening. Tinkerbell flies down to Tootle, one of the Lost Boys, and tells him that Peter Pan has brought some prey with him. Tootle takes out his bow and arrow and shoots Wendy down from the sky. When Peter Pan tells them what they have done, they realize Tinkerbell had tricked them out of jealousy.

Tinkerbell heals Wendy and a celebration follows. Their celebration is cut short, however, when Captain Hook and his posse emerge onto the scene. The Lost Boys scatter in the forest. Captain Hook only wants to battle Peter Pan. As they begin to fight, Captain Hook hears a loud ticking sound. He realizes that it’s the crocodile that bit off his hand and swallowed a clock. Captain Hook and his crew flee to their ship.

Act II

Back in the home of the Lost Boys Wendy prepares dinner and reads them a story after they have eaten. After the Boys retire to their beds, Wendy and Peter are left alone. They start to fall in love, but Peter Pan returns to his juvenile self and flies up to his bed. Wendy grabs her needle and thread and mends the Boys’ tattered clothing. After a while, she falls asleep. Moments later Captain Hook and his crew break into the home and kidnap all of the children except for Peter Pan - Captain Hook couldn't find him. Peter Pan wakes up to find everyone missing. Tinkerbell quickly explains to him what happened.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fly to Captain Hook’s ship, the Jolly Roger. Meanwhile, Captain Hook and his gangly crew are celebrating what they think is their victory. They start pushing the children to walk the plank, where beneath it the crocodile waits. Peter Pan comes to their rescue before the children are pushed overboard. A great fight takes place between Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Eventually, Captain Hook is overpowered and falls into the water with the crocodile. The Lost Boys take over the ship now that the pirates have no leader. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, Clara and her brothers celebrate their victory.

The celebration dies down and Wendy realizes that she is quite homesick. She doesn’t want to stay a child forever; she wants to go home. Clara and her brothers tell everyone goodbye. Tinkerbell sprinkles her fairy dust on them and they fly home.

Wendy, Michael, and John come home to find Mr. and Mrs. Darling, along with Liza and Nana, stricken with grief over their disappearance. As soon as they show up, everyone is happy and tears of joy are shed. Wendy had asked Peter Pan if he would like to come back with her, but unlike Wendy, he didn’t want to grow up.