Pete Weber Bowler Profile

Pete Weber
Pete Weber. Photo courtesy of PBA LLC

Born: August 21, 1962

Hometown: St. Ann, Missouri
Joined Tour: 1979
Bowls: Right-handed
Total Championships Won: 37
Major Championships Won (10):

PBA50 Championships Won: 6
PBA50 Major Championships Won (2):

  • 2015 Senior U.S. Open, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2013 USBC Senior Masters, Las Vegas, Nevada

Awards and Honors


If you ever plan to attend a PBA Tour event, and tell your friends you're going, chances are someone will ask, "Is Pete Weber going to be there?" Every sport has its superstars and competitors even casual fans can identify, and with bowling, that man is Pete Weber. Even people who never watch bowling know PDW. We can credit his charisma, personality and intensity for this. And the fact he bowls in sunglasses (to reduce the glare of the excessively bright TV lights).

Webers and Bowling

Pete Weber is the son of founding PBA member and 1975 PBA Hall of Fame inductee Dick Weber, who won 30 PBA Tour events and six PBA Senior Tour events over the course of his career. Being the son of one of the sport's greats, it only makes sense Pete took up bowling as soon as he could push a ball down the lane.

Despite the lofty expectations that come with being Dick Weber's son, Pete Weber soon established himself as his own man, eventually eclipsing his father's career PBA Tour titles (not counting the Senior Tour) total and, in 1998, joining him in the Hall of Fame.


Weber joined the PBA Tour in 1979 at the age of 17 (the previous minimum age was 18), and immediately made his presence known. He didn't win any titles in his first season, but he did do well enough to earn PBA Rookie of the Year honors in 1980.

Soon after, he began racking up titles. At age 24, he became the youngest player in PBA Tour history to win 10 titles, and by age 26 had already completed the Triple Crown (achieved by winning the Tournament of Champions, U.S. Open and PBA National Championship, now known as the PBA World Championship). As of the end of the 2010-2011 PBA Tour season, only six bowlers in history have completed the Triple Crown.

All-Time Rankings and Distinctions

Weber is one of two bowlers to have earned more than $3 million on the PBA Tour, ranking second all time to Walter Ray Williams, Jr. His 35 titles (through the 2010-2011 season) rank third all time, trailing only Earl Anthony (43) and Williams (47). If Weber can win one more Tournament of Champions event, he'll be the first bowler in history to complete the Triple Crown twice, and is one of only three bowlers (along with Don Carter and Dick Weber) to win the U.S. Open four times.

Weber is a USBC Masters title away from a Super Slam, a feat only achieved once by Mike Aulby, which includes winning five different majors (the four current majors plus the now-defunct Touring Players Championship, won by Weber in 1992.

Bowling Style and Attributes

With his high backswing and rev rate all generating from a smooth, seemingly effortless delivery, Weber is known as a power stroker, giving him a superb combination of timing and power that's helped him last as long as he has on Tour.

During play, particularly following crucial strikes or spares, Weber will react with signature gestures (often similar to those seen in WWE), and will make a point to acknowledge ESPN play-by-play announcer Rob Stone after throwing a hambone. When many bowling purists were rejecting the term, Weber embraced it, as he always seems to be capable of connecting with the fans.