Pet Industry Trade Magazines

Publications that Offer Great Pet Industry Info

Keeping up with the latest news and trends is integral to those in the pet industry. While the Internet is teeming with information, this data isn't always kept up to date, nor is it always accurate.

That's why perusing respected pet shops trade magazines is so important for those in the business of catering to such a precious client base.

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Pet Age

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Published by H.H. Backer, the Chicago-based company founded in 1967 that also presents trade shows, this trade magazine for the pet shops industry contains articles about everything from pet products to marketing and management tips, healthcare advice, legislation and business ideas.

The magazine also contains interesting general interest stories about animal behavior and care and industry resources.

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Groomer to Groomer

This great pet grooming industry resource, published by Barkleigh Productions Inc., contains lots of helpful articles about best pet groomer practices, the latest products and equipment, personalities of different pets, specific grooming tips for certain animals, plus retailing and marketing tips, with lots of colorful photos.

Groomers also receive updates about upcoming trade shows and events.
Barkleigh is best known for producing the wildly popular Groom Expo industry trade show. For an update, click here.

Meanwhile, Barkleigh branched out into the pet daycare and boarding sector with the 2012 launch of Pet Boarding & Daycare magazine. The company also now hosts a Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo each fall. 

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Pet Product News International/Pet Style News

These voluminous pet shops trade journals, produced by leading pet publisher BowTie Inc., are chock-full of general market, pet product and pet services news.

In addition to a strong focus on pet business-related issues and news, there are lots of fun, yet informative articles about pet fashion news, toys, accessories and other cool stuff.

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Pet Business

The self-described "business resource for pet retailers," published by MacFadden Communications Group, pleasantly features pet industry news with a lifestyles magazine flair.

Articles focus on subjects such as how pet groomers can create a spa experience for pets, creative merchandising advice, how to determine best price points for specific products and pet health reports.

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Grooming Business

This "business resource for pet stylists," produced by Pet Business, is sort of like a combination of the Wall Street Journal for the pet pampering industry, and a how-to guide.

Articles focus on how to best market your pet business, with tips on best ways to capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising, business image upgrading, ways to establish great customer relations and more.

Practical tips for everything from finding the best insurance to combating occupational burnout are covered, as well.