Perkins Resturant eClub Discounts and Other Promotions

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The Perkins chain was established in 1958, when Matt and Ivan Perkins opened what was called Perkins Pancake House in Cincinnati, OH. In the 1960s, the chain expanded as a franchise and today ​is known as an all-day breakfast franchise with a special emphasis on children. The chain is also known for their generous discount programs and promotions as a way to engage and retain customers. This is accomplished via their eClub discounts, Kids Club, eClub, and other promotions.

The Perkins eClub Benefit

When you join the Perkins eClub, you will receive local specials and promotions throughout the year via e-mail to use at Perkins restaurants. You'll also receive a special gift on both your birthday and anniversary just by registering in the eClub.

How to Join the Perkins Bakery Restaurant eClub

Simply fill out the online form to register for the Perkins Bakery Restaurant eClub, and you'll receive coupons, discounts, and other freebies.

More Discounts, Coupons and Free Stuff for Perkins Bakery Restaurant Customers

Perkins also has a Bakery Buddies Kids' Birthday Club.You can get information about the Birthday Club.

Marketing Programs That Focus on Kids Builds Generational Loyalty

Besides birthday freebies, Perkins has created a special Kid Perks Meals Menu. When kids order a meal from this menu, they get a free drink and a free "treat," which is either two mini chocolate chip cookies, 2 mini sugar cookies, or fresh grapes.

The kid-focused Kids Perks menu is one way Perkins is working to make its restaurants a family-friendly choice for dining out. "Free" is a key motivator for many frugal families, so the free extras that Perkins gives away with every Kids Perk meal keep the Perkins Restaurant brand top-of-mind as a go-to choice for both parents and children.

Perkins Kid Perks Menu Choices 

Aiming to position itself as an all-American family restaurant, Perkins uses its kid's menu as a next-generation nostalgic loyalty program.  

  • Brioche French Toast Tower. French toast is cut into sticks and served in a stacked "tower" just for fun.
  • City Slicker. A classic bacon, egg, and toast breakfast in kid-sized portions.
  • Kid's Lunch. Kid's Grilled Cheese, Kid's Cheeseburger, and Kid's Chicken Strips have smaller portions of kid's classic lunch and dinner favorites.
  • Deliciously Fit Meals. These Kid Perks menu items are designated as fit because they're under 500 calories.
  • Rainbow Pancakes. What makes these pancakes "rainbow" are the rainbow colored sprinkles on top. 
  • Perky Bear Pancakes. These pancakes are sprinkled with chocolate chips and served in the shape of a bear which actually looks like Mickey Mouse.
  • Silver Dollar Short Stack. These three mini pancakes are fun-sized for kids
  • Kids Mini Chef Salad. A kid-sized version of the adult classic.
  • Kids Kraft Mac & Cheese. There's nothing restaurant-fancy about this; it's just like getting it out of the box at home.

More Discounts and Promotional Specials for Perkins Restaurant Customers

People over the age of 13 can register for the MyPerkins Restaurant eClub. New members receive a coupon for 20% off just for joining. Members over the age of 13 also receive a "birthday gift."

Because eClubs were created specifically for email marketing, MyPerkins members can expect to receive periodic email notification of new menu items and special deals throughout the year. However, this is standard practice in the U.S. restaurant industry.

How to Join the Perkins Restaurant MyPerkins Customer Loyalty eClub

Fill out the online form to join the Perkins Restaurant Customer Loyalty eClub.

More Freebies, Discounts, and Specials 

Seniors Discount. Perkins offers a special menu and discounted prices for both lunch and dinner to senior citizens. Perkins defines a "senior" as a person age 55 or older. 

Online Coupon Codes. Occasionally Perkins deals and coupons appear on Internet discount sites like

Perkins Fun Facts By the Numbers

1958 - The Year that it all began for Perkins and currently are still considered a quality place to dine.
25,000 - The number of full and part-time employees that are employed.
280+ - The number of franchise locations for Perkins
150 - The minimum number of seats available at a Perkins restaurant, based on the location
132 - The number of company-owned restaurants
100 - The percentage of customers that Perkins guarantees will be satisfied when they dine at a Perkins restaurant

Special Promotions at Perkins Canada

Canada is the only country outside of the U.S. where Perkins Restaurants operates. Currently, the Canadian provinces which have Perkins restaurant franchises are:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan

The freebies, gifts, samples, and discounts offered to Perkins Birthday Club members, Seniors, and eClub members in the U.S. are not honored in Canada.  

The menu for the Perkins Canadian restaurants is predominantly the same, including the Kid Perks menu. An example of a Canadian variation is the Pierogies Supreme appetizer, which is a dumpling filled with potatoes, smothered in sauteed onions, bacon bits, and sour cream.

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