20 People Who Hilariously Recreated Their Childhood Photos

Awkward Family Photos recreated

Awkward Family Photos

There's nothing like a trip down Memory Lane! Looking through old family photos can be fun, in a nostalgic kind of way, even if your childhood memories often appear super awkward in retrospect.

Adults taking their awkward baby and childhood photos and recreating them, down to the last, cringe-worthy detail, has become a very popular (and very funny!) trend on the web. There's no shortage of recreated childhood photos out there, but here are 20 of the very best of the bunch.

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Three Awkward Brothers

3 brothers recreate childhood photo

 Bored Panda

Childhood and adolescence seem to be universally gawky stages in most peoples' lives. Sometimes the things we did when we were young don't exactly translate well to our adult selves.

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A Giant Wedgie

recreated childhood photo


Some things never change, and thank goodness for that.

Let's see:

  • Giant underwear? Check.
  • Crazy eyes? Check.
  • Commitment to the gag: We have a winner!
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Spaghetti Monster

recreated childhood spaghetti photo


Somethings are cute when you are five... but not so cute after that.

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Trapped in Sand

recreated trapped in sand childhood photo


She really nailed that quiet "I'm secretly drowning in the sand!" facial expression, both then and now.

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Dirty Laundry

recreated laundry basket childhood photo


It's the simple things in life! Stop saying she's "easily amused" like it's a bad thing.

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Brother Sister Gremlins

recreated brother sister childhood picture


Some brothers and sisters immediately regress when they're together in the family home. Others never bother to grow up in the first place.

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Soaring to New Heights

recreated childhood portrait photo

 Awkward Family Photos

Fly high, little bowl-cut dude. Someday you'll grow into a soaring-eagle adult bowl-cut dude. Namaste.

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The Graduates

recreated graduation childhood photo


Over ten years later and they're still pretty adorable, right? Those surly facial expressions!

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From Milk to Booze

recreated baby bottle childhood photo


Talk about your awkward family Christmas photos... Years later and their daughter is still openly hitting the bottle like that. Sad.

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A Visit With Santa

recreated childhood santa photo

Awkward Family Photos 

"My, you've gotten to be really heavy-- er, big boys," Santa said with a grunt.

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Mommy's Little Angels

recreated sibling childhood photo

 Awkward Family Photos

Ah, youth. The promise of a new day. 

(Okay, and where did that guy find an adult-sized shirt with little boats on it?!)

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He's a Big Boy Now

recreated dad and baby photo


"When did my baby grow a beard?!"

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Milk Drunk

recreated baby picture


Aw, look at the little angel. Shh, let's not wake him.

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Dad Is Not Amused

recreated childhood vacation photo


This picture gets funnier the more you look at it. Every single person brings something to the table.

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Superman's Greatest Fans

recreated childhood superman photo


Look at these two joyful brothers! They're just the most cheerful little tykes ever.

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brothers bathtub recreated photo

Everybody said they'd outgrow this habit... but here we are.

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A Major Meltdown

Awkward Family Photo recreated

 Awkward Family Photos

This family took what was already a fantastic awkward family photo and brought it full circle. The chaos, the crying, and the general mayhem captured by this pic are classic. The grown-up baby sitting stiffly in the center is the cherry on top.

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"I Need to Pee, Mom"

recreated childhood brothers photo

Awkward Family Photos 

Well, that was unexpected... It's a good thing they stopped at three sons or the next one would be a giant.

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Man Baby

Luxton Brothers recreated family photo

Then and Now/Tumblr

Whoa, how long was that nap?! This is some straight up Rip Van Winkle stuff.

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The Gang's All Here

Awkward Family Photo recreated

 Awkward Family Photos

All these years later and this family still doesn't understand how posing for a photo works. You look AT the camera all at the same time, folks! Remember? 

*Sigh* Maybe they'll figure it out in another 10 years.