15 People Who Are Having the Worst Day Ever

We've all had days where it seems like whatever can go wrong, will. Those days when you're constantly dropping things, putting your foot in your mouth, or you're just plain feeling accident-prone and grumpy. While it would be nice if we could just go back to bed on days like these, as (mostly) functional members of society, we're instead forced to put one foot in front of the other and get out there to act like grown-ups. Boo, right? <Whining> Being a grown-up is hard.

On the bright side, unlike the poor souls in this gallery, most of the time when you're having a bad day there's nobody standing there with a camera, ready capture your grief forever. Be glad for small favors, right? Since misery loves company, check out 15 people who are definitely having a worse day than you are... and whose misery is now uploaded to the internet for all to see (and mock).

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A Girl Walks Into a Door...

Girl walking into door
Via Meme Generator

Glass doors should really come with warning signs.

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The Car Is Stuck!

car stuck
Via Imgur/MrsMFM

When the street sign says "Do Not Pass," maybe you should, oh... NOT PASS?

Don't worry, though, this looks like it'll buff right out. No harm done.

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Bad dog! BAD!

dog peeing
Via Wittyfeed

In addition to being a massive bummer, this photo is also one of those funny action photos that were taken at exactly the right moment. If only there were an "after" shot to capture her reaction!

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Spilled Soda

Spilled soda
Via Dumpaday

File this under 'Things That Totally Suck.'

Looks like the making of a very soggy commute to work. Honestly, anyone with a touch of OCD is totally twitching right now. Ughh.

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Pizza Fail

pizza fail
Via Imgur/mekhallama

You can mess with my car. You can mess with my house... but so help me, if you mess with my pizza, I will hunt you down!

Just kidding, but still. This image will make any pizza lover irrationally upset.

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Elephant Car

elephant car
Via YouTube/DYK-DidYouKnow?

Meanwhile, in Africa.... This can't end well!

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What a Crock!

cooking fail
Via Memes.com

Here's one of those cooking fails that makes you want to hang up your apron and chef hat for good.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

car paint
Via Nicky Jam

I told you to avoid the potholes, but oh no; you wouldn't listen.

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Ladder Fail

ladder fail
Via ebaumsworld

"Well, I guess this is my life now."

This photo is proof that no good can come from home improvement. Or going up on ladders, for that matter.

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Well, This Is Awkward.

coffin fail
Via Lifebuzz

Maybe this funeral director shouldn't be moving the deceased around town in a Honda.

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You Broke the Scale!

Broken Scale
Via Reddit

Otherwise known as the day when Bob's self-esteem reached an all time low....

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Shredder Hair Cut

hair shredder
Via Fizx

That awkward moment when you fight the office paper shredder, and the shredder wins. 

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Car Splash

car splash
Via Trend Chaser

If you do this, you'd better drive away fast enough for the person not to make note of your license plate. Revenge would be swift!

(Oh, who are we kidding? We'd just be mad. And wet.)

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Cactus Fail

cactus fail
Via Twentytwowords

Is it too obvious to make a "this guy's a prick" joke? Oops... too late.

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Stuck in the Ground

stuck in ground
Via Distractify

Way to go, local news caption guys! You nailed it!

There, now that you've seen what a real bad day looks like, don't you feel better about your totally boring and run of the mill bad day?