How Many People Needed To Play Paintball

Play Paintball With The People You Have

You can play paintball all by yourself or join in a group of a thousand to enjoy the sport. Match your variation to the numbers you have and you'll be sure to have a great time.


Paint ball series
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Time for practice - work on your shooting positions, movement or accuracy. One is also enough to clean and repair your guns or install upgrades.


Paintball Battle
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Small fields or the woods are great for one on one where you really can fine tune your knowledge of the field as a whole and practice keeping track of the other player. Your personal movement will improve as you also improve your field vision and awareness. Alternatively, you can work on two-man strategies.


Paintball Game in Progress
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Three is perfect for working on basic team movement and strategies. You can focus on communication and cohesion as you practice as a unit. If you really feel the need to shoot, 1 on 2 staggered battles can also be fun.


Men in camouflage holding paint guns
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You can practice unit or team strategies, but short games of 2 on 2 can be a lot of fun. Divide up players on a small field and change up the teams after every game.


Groups smaller than ten are still small enough to work on unit strategies, but the real fun here is to play games on a medium-sized field. Make sure everyone follows the rules and has fun. With this large of a group, you can also try out new game variations.

More Than Ten

With a larger group you should be prepared to choose teams fairly and also be prepared to wear arm bands or other colors to keep teams straight. You will need a large field (but still small enough that you don't spend the whole game without seeing anyone else) and it's a lot of fun to change up objectives from one game to the next. For larger groups it really helps if one or two people take the lead and dictate how things go.

More Than Twenty

At this point you could continue having smaller skirmishes, but it's also time that you could organize scenario games or run a speedball tournament.

More Than One Hundred

Be prepared to spend all your time organizing and don't count on playing much. You will need to plan an event this size well in advance and make sure you have enough support personnel to handle the groups and organize all activities.