20 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies

Further proof that you look dumb taking selfies. Please stop.

Yeah, yeah; I get it. Everybody loves taking selfies. But did you ever stop to think about what that duck-lipped selfie face looks like to the casual observer? Believe it or not, when you're out in public getting your self-portrait on, other people think you look downright silly. Those people are also well within their rights to take a picture of you snapping your selfie so that they can make fun of you on the internet.

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This guy taking selfies on the train

Via Reddit.

This one is kind of sad. What's the goal here, to make it look like you have friends on the train? 

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This Disappointed Father

funny selfie
Via Ebaumsworld.

This poor dad is clearly wondering where he went wrong.... Let's just hope his kid outgrows this phase, STAT.

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This woman at the park

Via Izismile.

Why did she decide that this was the appropriate angle to capture her day off in the park?  Is this double chin angle shot through her shins really flattering? 

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This girl taking her own birthday selfie

Via Reddit.

This girl seems to have reached an infinite level of "Forever Alone," but in actuality she was snapping selfies of herself receiving her birthday cake while her family was sitting there, also taking pictures of her.

Why, girl?  Whyyyy?

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This Girl Who's WAY Too Excited

ridiculous selfies
Via ranker.

Who knew that shopping for tights would make this the best day ever?

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This guy taking an unflattering selfie


This image was posted to /r/cringepics on Reddit, which makes sense because something about it is infinitely cringeworthy.

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This Guy Lying on the Sidewalk

ridiculous selfie
Via Ranker.

Some people will really do anything to get that perfect selfie! 

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This girl wearing a sombrero

Via Imgur.

Okay, so you've got yourself a cute hat and you feel like taking a selfie.  Fine.  How about doing it in private, though, instead of in the middle of study hall?

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This Girl Whose Mom Is Concerned

caught taking ridiculous selfie
Via Imgur.

"That's it; you're so grounded, young lady!  I don't know for what, but I'll think of something."

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This very subtle beach selfie

Via Reddit.

Some people really do let it all hang out at the beach, but I'm still not sure why she thought this particular angle was the least bit flattering.

We'd have to examine the resulting selfie to be sure, though.  For science.

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This girl eating a banana

Via Break.

What?  She's clearly just enjoying her mid-morning snack at work and decided to take a picture of herself eating a big, ripe banana.  A big, ripe, phallic banana.  At work.  As one does.

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This guy getting busted by an old man

Via Tumblr.

This old guy just wants to wash his hands in peace, damn it.  Must he be subjected to this whippersnapper's selfie-taking antics?

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This girl making a crazy face

Via College Humor.

Teenagers, please, I implore you.  Before taking any selfie, ask yourself if this is a picture that you want to exist online forever.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson at ComicCon

Via Twitter.

This selfie was posted by Jennifer Lawrence fan @JLawTeam at ComicCon.  It's nice to see that even the 'beautiful people' look ridiculous while taking selfies.

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This Girl Trying (Too Hard) To Be Cool

Funny Selfie
Via Ebaumsworld.

Nothing says, "Gangsta chick" like a photobomber who's saying it all with his face.

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Bae Caught Me Slippin'

Via reddit.

Here's a classic example of the "bae caught me sleeping" images that lead to a very popular photo fad on the internet.  This is what happens when someone claims that their (possibly imaginary) significant other/bae took a pic of them while they were sleeping.  If it weren't for that mirror that busted them, we'd never have known they looked ridiculous.

Or would we?

Check out more people who were "caught sleeping" by their "baes."

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This Guy Who's Just Trying To Catch His Flight

caught taking stupid selfie
Via reddit.

He looks like he's about to grab that selfie stick and beat these kids with it.  (Not that we blame him.)

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This Girl Who's Shocked By Her Food

stupid selfie
Via Ranker.

It's just food!  It's not like you're eating crap or anything.  At least, we hope not.

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This dad who busted his daughter's selfie photo shoot


Father Rob Beckham was driving his daughter around when he noticed she was moving around a lot in the back seat.  When he saw that she was in the middle of an epic, albeit absurd, selfie photo shoot, he couldn't help but capture the moment on his cell phone to let her know how ridiculous she really looked.  And boy, does she look ridiculous.

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