Penn Slammer 460 Spinning Reel

The Penn Slammer 460 Spin Fishing Reel is a smaller reel suited to estuary and light surf, inshore onshore and onshore fishing, and matches well with rods ranging from 1.8m to 3.3m in length that are rated from 4-7kg. It has an oversized HT 100 drag washer placed under the spool that provides greater stopping power than reels of similar size, while also helping to protect your spool from damage by the elements.

The Slammer 400 may be simple in design, but it is a rugged reel that has become popular with professional guides and charter operations that respect it as a day to day workhorse that is capable handling the abuse inflicted by inexperienced anglers fighting large and powerful gamesters. The housing that encases its resilient gear system is made from a special high-strength aluminum alloy to produce a reel that last for years with proper maintenance.

The Penn Slammer 460 is particularly popular among anglers fishing along the southeastern and Gulf coasts. It has been described by many as being the smoothest spinning reel ever made by Penn; a company who originally built its reputation for quality with conventional fishing reels.These reels can also be easily adjusted for either right or left hand usage and feature a balanced rotor for wobble-free retrieves. But don’t let its virtually effortless retrieve mislead you, anglers who fish with the Slammer 460 for a little while quickly realize that it is just as well suited to battling a 25 pound redfish as it is for catching a 2 pound spotted trout.

The Bottom Line

This is one of Penn's top spinning reels with six ball bearings and a sturdy aluminum housing.

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  • 6 bearings for smooth operation
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Techno balanced rotor
  • HT 100 Drag Washer


  • At 19 ounces, this one is a bit heavy


  • Full time anti-reverse eliminates back play in the handle.
  • HT 100 Drag Washer provides one of the best drags around.
  • Stainless steel shaft for saltwater use.
  • Six bearing construction and very smooth operation.

Guide Review - Penn Slammer 460 Spinning Reel

The feel of the 460 on my rod is a heavy one. I was a bit perplexed at first because I am used to 9 ounces or less for a reel this size. But the weight proved to be something I could handle. It definitely threw my balance off on the rod I was using. I tried the 460 on a seven foot Hurricane Red Bone, normally reserved for a lighter reel. Perhaps on a Penn Slammer spinning rod the balance would have been better.

The reel performed superbly. I was able to crank off some rather long casts with little effort. The spool allows the line to leave with very little friction.

The 4.6 to 1 ratio is a little slower than I like. It makes me work harder on a fast retrieve lure to obtain the action I want.

One very nice feature is the HT 100 drag. It is as smooth a drag as I have encountered and works without any loping or surging. I was impressed by the way it handled a large redfish on this trip.

The reel has a metal housing, which is why the total weight is more than other reels in these dimensions. But that housing will go a long way toward making this one last for a long time.

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