Penis Size

Common Questions and Answers About Penis Size

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Penis size is determined entirely by factors out of our control, and like so much that has to do with our bodies, the size of a penis says nothing about the person it can be found on.

Yet penis size is undoubtedly the single greatest cause of sexual anxiety for men young and old.  With so much worry and a mountain of misinformation to match it, there are few generalizations that are helpful.  What can safely be said is that concern about penis size is almost always misguided.

Great sex is much more than the sum (or length) of its parts.  Here then are the ten most common questions men ask about penis size, and ten non-hysterical answers.

What Is an Average Penis Size?
The hard numberes on what the average penis size is, both in terms of length and girth, as well as an explanation of the problems with measuring penis size and determining global statistics on average penis size.

Who Cares More About Penis Size, Women or Men?
Is bigger always better? Does penis size matter to the general public? Here's what research tells us about the importance of penis size.

Do Penis Pumps Work?
They're marketed as permanent penis enlargers, and you get emails every day praising their effectiveness. But do any of them really enlarge the penis?

Am I Too Small for Sex?
It's not an accident and it's not "natural" for men to think their penises are too small. I won't go so far as to say there's a conspiracy, but here the the simple reasons why most men think their penis is too small.

Can I Trust Research on Penis Size?
One of the reasons that it's so difficult to find accurate global data on average penis size is that measuring penises is a lot more complicated than you might think. As a result there is a lot of bad research out there on penis size.

How Do I Measure Up?
There is a tendency to compare yourself to others, and if most of your sex education has been from pornography, comparing your penis size to the images you see on your computer screen or TV may not be a good thing.

Here's the real story on how you measure up, and the trouble with comparing penis size.

Are We Genitally Compatible?
Is there such a thing as your "genital soul mate"? Does penis size play a role in how well you and a partner are matched sexually?

What Is a Micropenis?
Learn more about what does, and does not, qualify clinically as a very small penis. Most men who think they have one don't.

What Is Small Penis Syndrome
A new proposed diagnosis for men who are anxious about their penis size despite being shown that they do not have an unusually small penis.

Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Penis Size?
There are those who say penis size does matter. What's important about penis size for them, and why do they care about it?