Your Guide to Penis Rings

Information, Style, and Safety with Penis Rings


Penis rings, also known as cock rings, are products available in sex toy stores that are non-medical versions of a clinically tested product known as a “constriction ring.” Constriction rings are used in conjunction with vacuum pumps as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and work by restricting the flow of blood out of the penis, thereby making a man’s erection last longer, and feel firmer, than without the ring.

Penis rings are sold without pumps and may be used on their own. They may or may not produce the same sorts of changes to erections. If you’re buying a penis ring from a sex store, keep in mind that it hasn’t been clinically tested and neither the store nor the packaging should make any sort of medical claims or guarantees. But this doesn’t mean they don’t work, and can’t be fun.

Most of the store-bought penis rings work on the same principle as the constriction rings -- by holding blood in the penis they can change the way erections feel, how long they last, and they can also change the way ejaculation and orgasm feel. Some men find these rings “work,” while others say they don’t. There are also lots of men who buy and wear these rings not to make their erections last longer, but because they like the way they feel.

What Do Penis Rings Feel Like?

Have you ever tied a string tight around your finger? Do you remember the way the tip of your finger feels, sort of warm and pressured? That’s sort of what penis rings feel like. They create a sense of pressure, which some men find pleasurable, and they focus attention on the genitals in a unique way. It isn’t a feeling everyone will enjoy, and it’s important to use rings that you can easily remove, as some people will find the ring to be uncomfortable or painful.

Different Styles of Penis Rings

Some penis rings are adjustable, and they may open up all the way (these are usually made from soft rubber or leather), or they are solid and one size (usually metal, plastic, or hard rubber). If you’ve never used a ring before, an adjustable flexible style is recommended.

Some penis rings are worn around the base of the penis and behind the scrotum, others can just be worn around the shaft of the penis. There are more complicated rings (sometimes called c&b rings, or splitters) which have extra straps that go around the testicles. There are also some penis rings designed to only go around the scrotum and not around the shaft of the penis at all. Beyond the basics, most differences in rings only affect how the ring makes your genitals feel, and not how much they will change your erection.

Penis Ring Safety

Penis rings can cause harm to your body if you don’t use them properly. If you are using a penis ring and you feel pain or discomfort remove the ring immediately.

You should not leave a penis ring on for extended periods of time. Most documentation suggests 30 minutes is as long as you should leave a ring on for in one session.

Do not use homemade or makeshift penis rings (from elastic bands, nylon string, etc…) as they may be tricky to get off and may cut into your skin. Penis rings aren’t very expensive (basic ones start around $10) and it’s worth spending the money to avoid the need for scissors or a trip to the emergency room.