Penis Limiter


A penis limiter is a product that can be worn over the penis to limit the depth of penetration during intercourse. There aren’t a lot of products that are marketed specifically as penis limiters, but there are many products that work this way and can be useful solutions to this relatively uncommon but still distressing problem.

Intercourse with a man who has an extraordinarily long penis can be painful, particularly vaginal intercourse as the penis can poke the cervix producing uncomfortable and unpleasant pain.

There are three kinds of products you can easily use as a penis limiter.

The first is a basic penis ring. You can put a penis ring on at the base of the penis and then experiment with your partner to find a comfortable depth. Once you’ve got it, place the ring at that point and use it as a visual guide to tell you when to penetrate no further.

The second is a kind of product sold as jelly rings that are made to go over the opening of a penis pump. Sometimes called “donuts” these rings are several inches thick and can be rolled down the base of the penis and cover part of the shaft, preventing you from penetrating using the entire length of your penis.

Finally, there are some men’s penis sleeves, which can be put over the penis and then cut down to size. These work the same as the “donuts” but have the benefit of being as long as you need them to be.