Easy DIY Peach Facial Scrub Recipe

A sweet treat for your face.

 Miro Vrlik / EyeEm/Getty Images

Like many fruits, peaches contain alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of natural acids found in foods such as sour milk, fruits, and sugar. They work as a mild exfoliant, breaking down dead skin cells and helping create new cell turnover. Use these often and you're left with smoother skin, a clearer complexion, and fewer blackheads.

Peaches also contain Vitamins A and C, which are great antioxidants and natural skin brighteners.

This peach and brown sugar recipe is great for all skin types from oily to normal to dry skin, as well as acne-prone skin. If you have sensitive skin, you might test a patch first. Use this recipe as a facial scrub or double the recipe for an all-over body scrub. Do keep in mind that this scrub needs to be refrigerated and it will last about a week.


  • 1 ripe organic peach, peeled and pitted
  • 1/2 tbsp oil. I like coconut, almond or olive oil
  • 1/2 tbsp raw organic honey, warmed in the microwave so it's runny
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar (use more or less depending on your preference)


Puree the peaches in a blender or food processor using a bit of water if necessary.

Put the peaches in a bowl and stir in the oil, honey and brown sugar.

To Use

Apply in a circular motion to face and neck. If you need more brown sugar, add it in. Your goal is to exfoliate the dead skin on your face.

Let the scrub sit on your face for 5 minutes.

Rinse with a warm washcloth.

Apply moisturizer to cleansed, scrubbed skin.

The Benefits of Exfoliation

Use this scrub once or twice a week to keep your skin in tip-top shape. It's important year-round to exfoliate both your face and your body, but I find in winter it's even more important.