PBR's All-Time Toughest Bulls to Ride

Bull riding is more than just a sport. It's a lifestyle. Those that enjoy the sport live, breathe and bleed bulls and bull riders, reveling in everything from who's the top bull rider to which bulls have the highest buck-off rates. The bad bulls dump cowboys in mere seconds, cavorting around the arena with an air of unmatched supremacy. These renegade bovine unseat even the most experienced cowboys, earning reputations as the baddest buckers in the game.

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Shepherd Hills Tested

Man riding bull Shepherd Hills Tested.

Shepherd Hills Cutlery

This feisty bull, born in 2007, is one of the most prevalent bulls on the Professional Bull Riders circuit. He is unridden in both the 2011 and 2012 seasons, dumping every cowboy that climbed aboard his broad back. His average buck-off time is 4.51 seconds, meaning the unfortunate cowboys that draw him last for just over half a successful ride. Shepherd Hills Tested is a relatively young bull, so look for him to continue his bad bull streak for many years to come.

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Perfect Poison

Man riding bull named Perfect Poison.


Perfect Poison rules the roost in the area. This red American Bucking Bull owned by Floyd Bull Company has an 85% buck-off rate since 2009. He's only been ridden 4 times since the beginning of his career and had a buck-off time of 3.65 seconds. Any cowboy who draws this flame-pelted bull is in for the ride of his life.

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Quiet Riot

There's nothing quiet about this massive bull. Weighing in at over 1500 pounds, Quiet Riot is unridden in his rookie season. Every cowboy to climb aboard has been unseated in under 3 seconds, making this bull one of the most aggressive buckers in the sport. Cowboys drawing this bull from the pen should be prepared to put all their skills to the test in order to stay aboard.

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Close up of PBR bull, Buckley.


He may have a simple name, but there's nothing simple about this bull. Buckey, owned by Wentz Bucking Bulls, has only been ridden 5 times out of 22 attempts. He bucks hard, often spinning to the inside in an attempt to unseat an unlucky cowboy. Those that have ridden him have posted scores above 85 points, making the ride well worth the effort.

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RMEF Gunpowder and Lead

Bull Gunpowder and Lead.

Associated Press / Mark Dam.

Like a bullet fired from a gun, RMEF Gunpowder and Lead charges powerfully from the chute. This red, horned behemoth bucks like a madman, unseating more than 1/3 of all riders. Gunpowder and Lead is a savage bucker and riders that withstand his furious kicks and spins score above 90 points on average. If the cowboy can stay aboard, he's guaranteed to be in the money.

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Super Duty

Close up of PRB bull Super Duty


One of the older bulls on the circuit, Super Duty certainly lives up to his name. A big red bull from the Pinnacle Bull Group, he bucked off more than 50% of riders. A former reserve World Champion bull, Super Duty retired at the end of the 2011 season due to a spinal injury. Despite his retired status, he remains a legend on the PBR circuit.

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J.B. Mauney attempts to stay aboard Smackdown.


This powerful bull certainly puts the smack down on his human competition, boasting a 100% buck-off score. Smackdown hasn't stepped foot in the arena very often but an average score of 41.25 makes him one of the most sought-after mounts on the entire circuit. Owned by the Herrington Cattle Company, Smackdown is sure to make a lasting impression with bull riders and enthusiasts around the world.

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I'm a Gangster

Close up of PBR bull, Gangster


With more than 4 full seasons under his belt, I'm A Gangster is a familiar face in the PBR. A hulking black beast, this bull boasts a 94% buck-off rate, an impressive feat for an animal with more than 50 outings under his belt. Gangster consistently scores more than 46 points, making him one of the highest-scoring bulls of all time.

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bullrider Robson Palermo on bull, Asteroid.

Equestre Magazine

An appropriate name for a bull of his caliber, Asteroid's stats are out of this world. Weighing in at more than three-quarters of a ton of solid muscle, Asteroid has a buck-off rate of more than 86%. This bull loves to jump, throwing riders off balance and spinning them to the ground in mere seconds. Asteroid as an impressive average score of more than 45 points, often boosting the scores of the lucky few that manage to stay aboard above 90 points.

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PBR bull, Bushwhacker, Bucking.


Bushwhacker is, without a doubt, the most dominant bull on the Professional Bull Riders circuit. Ridden only once in his entire career, this aggressive bull unseats most cowboys in under 3.3 seconds. A powerhouse both in the chute and in the area, Bushwhacker is a force to be reckoned with. Recently inducted into the Probullstats Hall of Fame, Bushwhacker has made a monumental impression on the sport of bull riding.