The 7 Paw Patrol Characters You Know and Love

Cute Canine TV Stars

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Paw Patrol is a popular TV series for preschoolers airing on Nickelodeon. What makes kids love this show? A pack of cute canines who sport ​backpacks with cool gadgets and do the jobs of everyday heroes.

Whenever there's a problem in the lovely community of Adventure Bay, the Paw Patrol is ready to help. Viewing kids learn about problem-solving and serving in the community as they watch their pup friends race, fly or boat to the rescue. 

Meet the adorable pups who lend their helping paws in every episode.

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Ryder from Paw Patrol



Name: Ryder

Species: Human

Ryder is a tech-savvy young boy who leads the Paw Patrol and heads up all the missions. With his jet ski that transforms into an ATV and a snowmobile, Ryder has all-terrain transportation, and he is one cool kid. Ryder's leadership and project management skills are unparalleled in the world of kids' TV.

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Chase from Paw Patrol



Name: Chase

Breed: German shepherd

A natural born leader, Chase helps out the Paw Patrol with his police truck and megaphone. Chase is confident and dependable, and he's a real athlete. But, his allergic reactions to cats and feathers can get in the way.

This character is a great opportunity to discuss with your kids the significance of Chase's breed and the ways in which dogs really do help policemen in real life. As any K-9 police officer will tell you, their dogs really are partners and part of the team.

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Marshall from Paw Patrol



Name: Marshall

Breed: Dalmatian

Marshall is a cute little Dalmatian, which is perfect since he's a firehouse dog. He may be a little clumsy, but he's still a real help in a pickle. Marshall is spirited, happy, and always willing.

Black and white Dalmatians do look beautiful against all that fire engine red, it's true, but there's another reason why Dalmatians are the number one firehouse mascot in the U.S. and in England. Read more about the history of Dalmatians in firefighting and talk with your kids about how the dogs used to be an important addition to the team.

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Rubble from Paw Patrol



Name: Rubble

Breed: English bulldog

Rubble's commitment to helping is as sturdy and stout as his physique. He carries a construction digger, and not only is he not afraid of getting dirty, he loves it!

English bulldogs are known for being friendly, but they are also muscular and tough. Talk with your kids about what construction workers do and why they would need to be tough like a bulldog. Also talk with kids about safety and why you almost never see a construction worker without a hard hat on.

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Skye from Paw Patrol



Name: Skye

Breed: Cockapoo

Quite the talented little pilot, Skye flies around with wings that sprout out of her backpack and can take her anywhere. As all pilots need to be, Skye is fearless and smart. She's also as friendly as can be.

You can talk with kids about Skye's job and the skills it takes to be a pilot. Why would a pilot need to be smart? What kind of training would a pilot need?

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Rocky from Paw Patrol



Name: Rocky

Breed: Mixed

When you think of Rocky, think green. This pup loves to recycle, and he's handy with a backpack full of tools and a head full of ideas.

If your kids have been to preschool or watched much TV, they probably already know what it means to be green. Talk with kids about how they can make a difference to the environment and make the world a better, cleaner place. When talking about the topic of being green, discuss the idea of stewardship with kids and explain that it's up to all of us to be good stewards over everything in our own circle of influence. 

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Zuma from Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol


Name: Zuma (far left)

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Zuma is a pup who is not afraid to get wet. He lives in a boathouse and rides around on a hovercraft. Like the coast guard, he is always on the lookout for people in need of help. He's a fun-loving dog who loves to surf in his spare time.

If your kids haven't been brought up near the ocean, they may not have ever heard of the Coast Guard. Tell them about the different community heroes, and talk about how the Coast Guard works to protect people and keep the law around coasts.