After She Got Busted Using Racial Slurs, Paula Deen Got Roasted Online

Racism definitely isn't funny... but making fun of racists kinda is!

Via TMZ.

After becoming the subject of the hilarious "Paula Deen Riding Things" meme, celebrity chef Paula Deen is no stranger to receiving "the meme treatment" on the internet. This time, however, the people of the web are no longer laughing with Deen; they're laughing at her. Why? Well, as it turns out, behind that sunny Southern demeanor, Deen is openly racist and sexist towards her employees. She has now revealed in official court documents that she is, well... kind of a raging bigot with a fondness for dropping the "N" bomb.

Dayum, ma'am. That's no good.

What Happened?

The story goes like this: One of Deen's past employees filed a lawsuit against Deen, her business corporation, and her brother (and sometimes business partner), alleging that she was mistreated during the five years that she worked for Deen and company. Deen then gave a deposition in court, in which she admitted to frequently using the "N" word, paying her African American employees less money than her Caucasian employees, forcing them to use a separate bathroom, openly referring to them as "monkeys," and freely using other racial slurs in the workplace.

The Internet's Response: Come At Me, Bro!

No matter what the source, celebrity or otherwise, this sort of behavior is ugly and not funny in any way. In fact, it's embarrassing that in today's day and age we still have people who rush to defend Deen's actions, in spite of the fact that Deen herself issued not one, not two, but three public apology videos.

Those apology videos didn't work out too well; some sources claimed that Deen's poorly-executed and insincere videos were "the last straw" and actually resulted in Deen being fired from The Food Network and other jobs. A few days after the scandal saw her losing lucrative sponsorship deals with companies like Walmart and Home Depot, even shedding big old crocodile tears on NBC's Today show did little to increase sympathy for her in the public eye.

This is a public relations nightmare from which the Deen brand was likely never recover.

Cue The Internet Clowns

Hey, your life is ruined? You know what that's meme time! A disastrous PR nightmare = prime meme territory! Instead of the web making light-hearted jokes about Deen's unhealthy love of butter, the jokes are suddenly much more barbed. Deen will henceforth be known as a racist, no matter what the outcome of the lawsuit may be. She has already been tried in the court of public opinion.

The Web Totally Turned On Her

Deen no doubt longs for the days when the only meme involving her name had to do with an image of her riding on a stick of butter. Within hours of the news of her deposition going public, outraged fans and critics took to Twitter to voice their anger, shock, and annoyance. Irate Twitter users then glommed on to Food Network hashtag #PaulasBestDishes and began to do what web users do when scandals hit: Make jokes.

#PaulasBestDishes Hashtag Goes Viral

The #PaulasBestDishes Twitter hashtag quickly became a trending topic on the social media outlet, with users Tweeting comically-racist variations of Deen's Southern cooking recipes in an attempt to both laugh at the scandal, and publicly shame Deen for her actions.

Over time, people may forget about what Paula Deen said in that court deposition, or they may not. But the internet is forever; the internet never forgets. We see you, Paula.