Top 5 Pass Routes for Your Football Playbook

Practice and Repetition Lead to Passing Success

Patrick/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Your football offensive playbook does not have to resemble a big city telephone directory. With these five effective pass routes, your team will improve in pass completion percentage, passing yardage, and touchdown passes.

Football Routes: The Fabulous Five

  1. The Hook Route can be successful on any down. Running a shorter route of a first down is a great way to keep defenses honest. A deep comeback route completion on third down can lead to extending the offensive drive.
  2. The Screen Pass to a running back requires a lot of practice time initially, but your team will be able to run off big chunks of yardage when it is run effectively.
  3. The Corner Route can turn into a game-changer, especially if run after several successful short-to-intermediate passes.
  4. The Crossing Route is a physically challenging pass pattern, as it is a play where the receiver must be prepared to take a hard hit from the secondary at (or immediately after) the ball touches his hands.
  5. The Wheel Route involves two receivers in close proximity, crossing each other's paths to confuse the defense, primarily for a secondary playing man-to-man coverage.

Coaching Points

  • Set up a passing game with play-action passes which start out looking like one of your running plays.
  • Think precision when practicing the passing game, make sure the receivers and quarterback know which location the ball is to be caught.
  • When running plays with matching receivers on each side, simplify the learning process by 'mirroring' routes by having the matching receivers running the same pattern.