3 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Apps for Android

Apps for Searching for Ghosts and Paranormal Phenomena

Young woman typing on the phone next to her ghost
valentinrussanov / Getty Images

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators need to go where the phenomena are likely to be. Your smartphone or tablet can be your investigatory companion. Apps are starting to change, enhance, or augment the way we do paranormal investigations. There are several apps available for ghost hunting and that provide paranormal information. Here are three apps for Android devices and how they fared in tests, as well as how they are reviewed by users.

Ghost Radar App

This device is supposed to detect and analyze "nearby energies," and that includes ghosts. The app has a nice graphical interface, but its actual usefulness is in question. It shows the "energies" as blips on a radar screen and generates random words (sort of like a ghost box) that could have interpreted meaning. But is it really detecting anything? They helpfully note that they offer no guarantees of accuracy and results from it cannot be verified scientifically, so it should only be used for entertainment purposes. But what more would expect from a publisher named Spud Pickles? It gets many four and five star reviews, with only about a sixth of those reviewing it giving it a one-star rating. But they've improved on it with Ghost Radar Connect, which logs not only words but also logs blips, images, and audio recordings. It works in the background so you can keep using other apps and social media.

Ghost EVP Analyzer App

This is the best of the three apps that were tested since it works completely as advertised. It is, essentially, a voice recorder, and a very good one at that. You can use it as a substitute or additional voice recorder on ghost hunts. It records and saves sound files, and the analysis part of it plays back the recordings in normal mode, half speed, and reverse. An autosave feature allows you to clear the memory after each saves so you are able to run the recorder all night on your ghost hunt. It has only a few hundred user reviews, with most of them being positive.

All in One Ghost Hunter App

This is the most disappointing app of the three. It offers five functions: EMF Detector, Scanner, EVP Detector, Spirit Board, and Map. Of those five, only the EMF Detector worked well; it actually seemed to be more sensitive than my K-II meter. But the other four functions are virtually worthless. The scanner gave false warnings that seemed to be totally random. The EVP Detector never played any sounds in real time and didn't record anything. The Spirit Board gives only yes/no answers and they seem to be random. The Map function did not work and it was inadequate for locating haunted sites in your surrounding area. This app has only a few hundred user reviews, with about a third of them being positive.