Ryan O'Flanagan Is an Overly-Excited Tourist in Funny Travel Videos

Comedian Ryan O'Flanagan is excited about travel. Maybe overly so.

Via YouTube/FunnyOrDie.

Humor website Funny Or Die has teamed up with comedian Ryan O'Flanagan to create a series of travel videos called "Overly Excited Tourist." In the videos, Ryan plays a loveable doofus whose infectious grin and habit of getting everything wrong makes the brief videos flat-out hilarious! Every day is the best day of Ryan's whole life!

Take a look at our top 10 favorite Overly Excited Tourist videos below.

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Overly Excited Tourist Can't Handle Vegas

Via YouTube/FunnyOrDie.

"Three dollar craps? I just took a free one!"

The jokes come fast and furiously during this 2:29 clip! Here we find our hero roaming around sunny Las Vegas, where he encounters the Treasure Island pirate ship ("They say it's 100 feet big!"), a funny-looking Empire State Building, and a large pair of stone hooters that he really wishes he could touch. Basically, it's as if a goofy 12 year-old boy was released on Sin City and he literally cannot. believe. his. eyes.

This video could be considered NSFW if you're offended by things like statue penises and one well-timed F bomb.

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Overly Excited Tourist Loses It At San Diego Comic-Con

Via YouTube/FunnyOrDie.

You know you've messed up when Snoopy gives you the side-eye!

Ryan took a tour of the "Sandy Bagels" (San Diego) Comic-Con, and as usual, he got everything just a little bit wrong. Every green character he saw was Shrek, he misidentified every single superhero he saw, and he spent a solid 10 seconds making a weird tongue movement for seemingly no reason. 

"Assful of nuts, what a day I've had at this impromptu Halloween party!"

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Overly Excited Tourist Goes Wild In San Francisco

Via YouTube/FunnyOrDie.

"Toly chromas, there it is! Kalamatraz Island."

Ryan tours San Francisco and sees such marvelous sites as the Great Golden Bridge, the Full House row homes, and other fun tourist destinations in "Santo Felatio." Sadly, he didn't get any Rice-A-Roni, but there's always next time.

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Overly Excited Tourist Can't Handle Ireland

Via YouTube/Funny Or Die.

Ryan flew to "Dulbin," Ireland in a fruitless search for a "Lepicorn." Sadly, the Leprechaun museum was closed, but that didn't stop Ryan from even having the best day of his whole life!

After pointing out some funny and ironic signs, Ryan headed to the Guinness Brewery to have a pint of the "bad juice." We'll drink to that.

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Overly Excited Tourist Discovers Green Bay's Hidden Treasures

Via YouTube/Funny Or Die.

Say Cheese!

Ryan heads to Green Bay, Wisconsin to visit a "rail rod" museum, the "Green Bag River" ("They say it's 100 feet across and it's full of batteries."), and Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.

Ryan literally can't handle all the cool stuff in Green Bay, especially the trains. So many trains!

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Ryan Goes Hollywood

Via YouTube/Funny Or Die.

Only Ryan could take a stroll down the famous "Hollywood Walk of Frang" and spot every little-known celebrity you've never heard of. 

"Are you friggin' joking me? They have Lawrence Tittie? You've gotta be friggin' jokin' my ass! Everybody loves Gene Raymond. Only in LA-Angeles!"

You've got to laugh when Ryan thinks that the wax figure outside of Madame Tussaud's wax museum can hear him. If you don't laugh, we can't be friends.

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Overly Excited Tourist Gets A Taste Of Wine Country

Via YouTube/Funny Or Die.

Watch as Ryan (pinky extended, of course) tours Napa Valley, California, where he is in rare form! They told him not to get too drunk on all the fine wines, and he was like, "Oh."

"Here's the world famous Nascar Valley 9/11 Memorial. They say it's 100 feet big and I'm not sure why Napa has one."

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Overly Excited Tourist Finds Reno's Secret Wonders

Via YouTube/Funny Or Die.

Ryan visits Reno, Nevada to do a little gambling and visit the "biggest god-dang bowling alley he's ever seen in his whole friggin' life!"

No, we're not joking your ass, Ryan is really excited about Reno!

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Ryan Does D.C.

Via YouTube/Funny Or Die.

Ryan goes to "Washington, B.C., home of the capital of the president." After falsely identifying the White House as the Russian Embassy (Zing!), Ryan is hoping to get a glimpse of president Dan Trump. 

Spoiler alert: He doesn't find "Dan" Trump, but he does find some "danosaurs" in the Smithsadium museum.

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Overly Excited Tourist Survives Renaissance Faire

Via YouTube/Funny Or Die.

Ryan fits in surprisingly well among the overly excited crowd at Renaissance Fair. Plus, there are tons of danosaurs and "a lot of nerds," which always makes him extra-extra excited!

You can see more of Ryan's hilarious Overly Excited Tourist videos on Funny Or Die, YouTube, or his Facebook page.

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