25 of Our Favorite Celebrities Taking Funny Selfies

Stars; they're just like us! Sort of.

A selfie is a photo taken of yourself, by yourself. It's a self-portrait that usually winds up getting shared on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. While just about everyone and their dog is guilty of snapping a selfie from time to time, celebrities have truly mastered the art of taking the most outrageous, funny, and bizarre selfies on the web. Check out a few of our favorites, below.

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Snoop Dogg Goes Full-On "Silence of the Lambs"

Snoop Dogg pancake selfie
Via Twitter/Snoopdogg.

Are the lambs still screaming, Clarice?

Snoop Dogg took a break from his perpetual 420 celebration by having some delicious pancakes.

What he does with those pancakes is his own business!

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Madonna's Hairy Situation

Madonna hairy armpit selfie

Oh Madge. It seems the pop diva will do just about anything for attention these days, even... whatever this is.

Could be worse! She could look like this horrible magazine cover in real life.

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Tyra Banks Goes Full-On Alien


Sure, she may be 99% forehead in this digitally-altered Instagram picture, but at least she's still SMIZING (smiling with her eyes).

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Lindsay Lohan's Warped Bathroom

Lindsay Lohan photoshop selfie
Via Instagram/LindsayLohan.

This selfie that Lindsay Lohan took wouldn't be that bad, if it weren't for the fact that she clearly Photoshopped it to make herself look freakishly skinny. Oh Lindsay... when will you learn?!

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James Franco's Eye Pads


Actor James Franco apparently has a beauty regimen, and he's not afraid to Instagram it!

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Kanye West

Kanye selfie
Via USmagazine.com.

Imma let you finish, but Kanye had the best annoying fan interaction of all time!

What can we learn from this picture? First, Kanye West just wanted to watch Super Bowl XLIX in peace. Second, Kanye West did not want to take pictures with his fans while watching the Super Bowl in peace. Third, Kanye West often looks kind of grumpy in public.

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Six Degrees of Too Much Bacon?

Kevin Bacon fat selfie
Via Instagram/imkevinbacon.

Kevin Bacon posted this bizarre selfie to Instagram. Turns out it was just makeup for a movie role, but those pudgy cheeks definitely took the internet by surprise.

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Geraldo Rivera Gets Nekkid

Geraldo Rivera Naked Selfie
Via Twitter/GeraldoRivera.

Oh, Geraldo, WHYYYYY?

This photo was so poorly received that it actually cost Rivera some jobs.  Turns out, his adoring fans did NOT want to see his 70 year-old dad bod. Weird, right?

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Lena Dunham's Undies

What's going on here, Lena?. Courtesy: @lenadunham

The Girls star frequently updates her unintentionally hilarious Instagram feed with gems like this one.

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Jessica Simpson Looks Great

Jessica Simpson selfie
Via Twitter/JessicaSimpson.

Not sure what's going on here? Join the club. I'm sure it made sense in Jessica Simpson's head.

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Nicolas Cage Is Soooooo Sleepy


Speaking of annoying fan interactions....

When a Redditor was seated next to internet superstar Nicolas Cage on an airplane, she couldn't resist snapping this picture to share with the world.  Poor Nic looks like he needs to catch up on some beauty sleep!

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Joseph Gordon Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe Ham It Up


Before joining 2013 Oscars host Seth MacFarlane on stage for a big musical number, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe shared this awesome behind-the-scenes selfie.

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Tom Hanks Goes Shirtless


 Why, Tom?  Whyyyyy?

You're an Oscar winner and by all accounts, a super awesome guy. Why the semi-nudity?

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Elijah Wood's Selfie With Frodo


While promoting The Lord of the Rings, actor Elijah Wood took a selfie with... himself.  Sort of.  That's his character, Frodo Baggins, on the movie poster behind him.

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Selena Gomez Goes Geeky


Modelling oversized glasses and that old selfie staple, duck lips, singer Selena Gomez shared this dorky face with her millions of devoted followers on Instagram.

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Eminem Visits The Louvre, Still Isn't Happy


On a trip to France, everyone's favorite angry rapper Eminem snapped this selfie of himself in front of one of the world's most famous paintings, The Mona Lisa.  He's admiring one of the most amazing works of art in the world, yet he still looks ticked off? There's no pleasing some people.

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Amanda Bynes Gets Snappy

Amanda Bynes Selfie
Via Twitter/AmandaBynes.

Back when actress Amanda Bynes was publically melting down, she was quite the prolific selfie-taker.  Of all of them, this was the most inexplicable.

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Beyonce's Game Face


Beyonce is beautiful, talented, and really protective of her public image, but that didn't stop her from snapping this awesome selfie with a fan.

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Chrissy Teigen is a Super Model. No, Really.

Chrissy Teigen selfie
Via Twitter/ChrissyTeigen.

For a gorgeous super model, Chrissy Teigen sure can come up with some crazy-funny facial expressions!

NEXT PAGE: Chris Pratt's yummy new abs and a few of Conan O'Brien's bromances....

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Brooklyn Decker

Via Twitter/BrooklynDecker.

Actress Brooklyn Decker doesn't mess around when it comes to perfecting her "Derp" face.

NEXT PAGE: Chris Pratt's yummy new abs and Conan O'Brien's bromances....

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Chris Pratt: Who Knew?


The actor who played the lovable (and pleasantly plump) "Andy" on Parks & Recreation got into phenomenal shape for a movie role, so he shared his rock-hard abs on Twitter.  

Thank you, Chris. Thank you.

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He's hip; he's cool; he's the Pope! Pope Francis paused for a selfie with some young visitors who were touring the Vatican. 

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Paul Rudd and Conan O'Brien Share a Bromance

Conan O'Brien and Paul Rudd selfie
Via Twitter/ConanOBrien.

We don't blame you a bit, Conan O'Brien. We kind of want to snuggle with Paul Rudd too.

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Conan O'Brien and Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais and Conan O'Brien selfie
Via Twitter/RickyGervais.

Ricky Gervais, however... maybe not so much.

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Astronaut Selfie


Okay, he's technically not a celebrity, but I had to include what could be the coolest selfie ever taken. International Space Station astronaut Aki Hoshide snapped this very scientific selfie while hovering in space back in 2012.  According to NASA, “Visible in this outworldly assemblage is the Sun, the Earth, two portions of a robotic arm, an astronaut’s spacesuit, the deep darkness of space, and the unusual camera taking the picture."

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