How to Become a More Organized Stay-at-Home Mom

You can take charge of everything from your home to your family life by becoming a more organized stay-at-home mom.​ ​Follow these six simple steps to get a better handle on your day-to-day tasks and, hopefully, a fresh perspective on your daily life. 

Organize Your Home

A picture of an organized bedroom
Howard Shooter / Getty Images

Getting organized begins with your home. Make a plan of attack and go room by room to clear out clutter. You don't have to go through the entire house all at once, though. Tackle the mess one day at a time, one room at a time. Within a week, your house will feel like it did before you had kids, toys and no time to manage it all.

Organize Your Time

You probably have your family's routine so down pat that taking the time to organize your time seems like, well, a waste of time. But are you making the most of your minutes? Track your schedule over a week to see where your time is actually going. Once you know, you can strategize and rearrange your schedule so it works in your favor. You may even discover a gap where you can squeeze in some well-deserved me time.

Organize Your Housekeeping Tasks

How many times a day do you clean up the exact same mess? Cleaning up after everyone is exhausting. Take charge of your housekeeping tasks and stop being the family maid. With age-appropriate chores, you can teach your kids how to pitch in while lightening your workload.

Organize Your Finances

Most moms do it all. You're the family chauffeur, maid and business manager. Managing the family's finances comes with the territory. Start living on a family-friendly budget that feeds your piggy bank without making you and your kids feel deprived. Simple money-management tips and tricks show you how to squeeze the most out of every penny so your family can spend money on something fun. How does a family vacation sound or a day at the spa for mom?

Organize Your Life Insurance and Wills

Get organized behind the scenes. No one wants to deal with the unthinkable—taking care of your family should something happen to you or your spouse. A solid plan to get organized should include getting your life insurance policy and will together. Regardless of the money you make, having these will help ensure your family is taken care if you are no longer around.

Organize Your Family's Routines

Between the hectic mornings, cheerleading practice, soccer games, orthodontist appointments, carpool lines, and bedtimes, your routine is probably anything but normal. Take the time to try to streamline your family's chaotic schedule and put things in writing—whether it's a handwritten calendar on the fridge or a shared calendar on your smartphones—so everyone is on the same page.