Options for Getting Filtered/Edited Movies and Television

Protect Your Children from Offensive Content

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TV Guardian

TVGuardian® works for television programming and most DVDs. TVG® uses patented technology from Principle Solutions, Inc. to decode and monitor the hidden closed-caption text which is made available for the hearing impaired. Each word is checked against a dictionary of more than 150 offensive words and phrases. When a foul word or phrase is detected, TVG® automatically mutes the offensive language. You can even set TVG® to show you the silenced phrase in text form, but without the offensive words. Now also available in HD.

ClearPlay Inc.

Update: No longer available.

ClearPlay Inc. develops advanced parental control technologies for consumer electronic products, including DVD players and recorders, TV's, cable and set-top boxes, digital video recorders, etc. The company's first products allow consumers to view DVDs, purchased or rented through conventional retailers, free of unwanted content. It gives consumers the ability to skip and mute over graphic violence, sex, nudity and profanity if they choose. Using ClearPlay does not touch, alter or change the DVD in any way. The technology can also be applied to cable, satellite, PVR, and video on demand.

To use ClearPlay, you must first purchase a ClearPlay enabled DVD player. Then, you can buy a subscription to ClearPlay and download filters for movies that you own or want to rent. You can choose the filter settings according to what content you want to skip or mute.

Buy or Rent Edited DVDs

Update: The following companies have ceased to offer these benefits to customers due to a court case which ruled that these edits violated the integrity of the original works. However, CleanFlicks is still in business, offering pre-screened family films for rental.

Several companies offer edited DVDs for purchase or rental:


CleanFlicks offers edited DVDs for purchase or rental. A CleanFlicks edited DVD is a popular Hollywood title without the profanity, graphic violence, nudity and sexual content.

Family Flix

Family Flix removes profanity, nudity, extreme violence, and sexual situations from movies you own or would like to purchase. You can send in DVDs you already own to be edited, or purchase them directly from Family Flix.


Rent or buy family edited movies. Family Edited movies are movies that have been edited for content to remove nudity and sexual situations, offensive language, and graphic violence.