Opportunistic Cheating: Your Cheating Spouse and Lust

With Some Cheaters It's All About Opportunity

Cheating Wife
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For the opportunistic cheater, it's all about the opportunity to have sex with someone other than their spouse. 

One common type of cheating is lust fueled and opportunistic. The spouse who is driven by lust for another person normally loves their spouse and is committed to their marriage but has a hankering for something or someone different. They like to "spice" it up a bit!

The opportunistic cheater is all about having sex with someone he/she has met and are extremely attracted to or, the need to add sexual flavor they may not be getting at home.

For example; Josh adored his wife Sally. They had a companionable and committed relationship. Their sex life was great, both willing to please the other and very in tune with the needs of the other.

Josh, an attorney hired a new paralegal in his office. Olivia was the opposite of Sally in every way. Sally is a Burt’s Bees sort of woman, Olivia is a Dior girl. Sally sports turtleneck sweaters while Olivia favors cleavage revealing blouses. Sally wears her hair short but Olivia has full curls that hang down her back and sway to and fro when she walks.

Josh soon found himself daydreaming about what it would be like to bed Olivia. The more he thought about bedding Olivia the more he needed to bed Olivia. He developed an intense longing for Olivia, much like Sally did for pickles when pregnant with their second child.

And Olivia, she did nothing to dissuade Josh’s obvious desires. Before long they were playing a game with each other. Teasing talk, suggestive glances and then a lust filled romp on Josh’s desk. Oh, the pleasure Josh felt was delightful. The fact that he had taken part in something forbidden made it that much more delightful.

Josh and Olivia continued to enjoy each other for months. Josh felt like Alice in Wonderland except he had fallen into the pages of Penthouse Forum and not down a rabbit hole. Like Alice though, he may end up in a trial because he will surely break his Queen’s heart should she ever find out.

Josh is guilty of what your average opportunistic cheater is guilty of, the belief that the wife will never know and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Josh did what many men and women do; they see an opportunity and take advantage.

There is an old saying, “men are only as faithful as their options.” The same goes for women and regardless of gender SOME people are going to take advantage of the opportunity to cheat when given the option.

Is Your Spouse An Opportunistic Cheater?

Like Josh, an opportunistic cheater feels that if a situation presents itself, he should take advantage. He doesn't want to think he could possibly miss out on a good thing. 

The opportunist is always looking for opportunities and studying his options. Not only when it comes to infidelity but in general. He isn't a black and white kind of man, he has the ability to see many different outcomes to situations and likes having choices. 

He is an, "you only live once" sort of man who is always open for a new opportunity. And, if one doesn't come along, he will go to work making it happen. 

The opportunistic cheater is married to the woman/man who thinks her/his guy would never cheat. He/she is gregarious, fun, bold, loving and counting on you to put 100% of your faith and trust in him.