How To Open a C6 Corvette With a Dead Battery

2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 rear view
2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 rear view. Photo courtesy of General Motors. Photo courtesy of General Motors

How do you open a C6 with a dead battery? And how do you get out of a C6 with a dead battery?

These questions may sound odd to someone who hasn't owned or driven a C6 Corvette (built between 2005 and 2013). With its high-tech key fob, the C6 Corvette uses a wireless signal to communicate with the car, letting you start, lock and unlock it without every inserting a key. While this key fob is very convenient (plus it looks cool), it can be awkward when there's no juice to power the car's electronics.

What's more, the situation can turn serious if someone is inside the car and can't figure out how to get out. Last month, 72-year-old James Rogers and his dog died when both were stuck inside Roger's 2007 Corvette and couldn't figure out how to escape. Despite rescue attempts from others outside the car, the two were unable to be freed before the hot Texas sun overcame them.  

Fortunately, this situation is avoidable. Chevrolet has built in two ways to open a C6 Corvette with a dead battery: one from the outside, and one from the inside.

How to remove the key from the key fob

Early C6 Corvettes had a standard key attached to the key fob -- use this key for the steps listed below.

In 2008 , the key fob was redesigned and no longer included a conventional key. But, there is a metal key hidden inside. For 2008 to 2013 Corvettes, you can access this key by pressing the button at the top of the fob and sliding out the silver end. They key itself doesn't isn't a traditional notched car key, but looks more like a miniature sword.

How to open a C6 with a dead battery

There is a lock on the rear of the Corvette, though it is tucked out of sight. To find it, look underneath the small overhang just above the license plate. The lock is centered here underneath the v-shaped flag emblem.

Slide the key into the lock and turn to open the trunk.

Located on the left-hand side of the truck on the inside of the fender is a cable with a handle. Pull this handle towards you and the driver-side door will open.

How to get out of a C6 with a dead battery

Situated on the left of the driver's seat, in between the seat and the door, is a small lever. Because it sits flush within the trim, the lever is easy to miss. Look for the red graphic of the car and driver door marked on the top.

To open the door, pull this lever up, using the same motion as if you are pulling a lever to pop the trunk. A similar lever is located on the passenger side.

The next time you plan to take your C6 Corvette for a drive, take a few minutes first to familiarize yourself with the door levers and the latch inside the trunk. Test each one to ensure that they are smooth and operational. 


* A special thanks to Paul Koerner, GM World Class Certified Technician and resident expert at The Corvette Mechanic