Online Shopping Fails That Are Truly Regrettable

spiderman fail
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When Online Shopping Goes Wrong. Very Wrong!

online shopping fail
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Shopping alone can be a challenge, especially considering that few manufacturers maintain any sense of consistency when it comes to clothing sizes, but it becomes even more of a challenge when you shop online. Oftentimes expectations don't exactly match reality when it comes to online purchases, as the following twenty people all found out (the hard way)!

Sometimes it's a case of ordering the wrong quantity of an item, like the time when yours truly ordered one lonely little apple instead of the one pound of apples I'd intended to get from the grocery store. Or the time I ordered four boxes of granola bars by mistake. (You'd think I'd have figured it out after the apple incident, but nope.)

Sometimes, shoppers don't read the item description well enough and wind up with something that's way too big or way too small. Then there are the cases when the beautiful dress they thought were a great bargain actually turned out to be a poorly-manufactured scraps of fabric shipped directly from a sweat shop in China. OOPS!

One thing these shoppers have in common, aside from a glaring lack of attention to detail, is that they all took to social media to laugh at their own mistakes! Laugh along with them with these twenty funny online shopping fails.

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Carrots For Days

carrot fail
Via Twitter @NickSnaith.

Twitter user @NickSnaith meant to order 8 carrots, but instead got 8 bags of carrots. When life hands you carrots... make carrot-aid?

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Large-Breed, My Foot

too small dog jacket
Via Instagram @nathanmccauley11.

Instagram user Nathan posted this picture along with the caption, "I think this company missed the mark on 'Sized for large breed dogs.'" 

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Instructions Unclear; Surprise Spoiled

shipping instruction fail
Via Twitter @NicoleDaviess_.

So, pretty much do the opposite of what she asked for? Consider it done! 

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Want Some Mayo... On Everything, Forever?

mayo shopping fail
Via Twitter @penlost.

Time to make enough potato salad to feed an army.

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Have A Tiny Seat

tiny school chairs
Via Blaze Press.

This guy ordered some new chairs for the high school, but when he showed up they turned out to be for kindergartners.

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Makes A Good Bookmark, Though

tiny rug bookmark
Via Facebook/kaleisha.abby.

If the deal sounds too good to be true, it's probably meant for a dollhouse. 

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Did Someone Order Some Itty Bitty Cookware?

tiny pots and pans fail
Via Facebook/laura.page6.

This fail was shared by Facebook user Laura Page, who said, "I bought a new sauce pan and frying pan online... They're made of copper so these dollhouse-sized pots actually cost me quite a lot of money. I'm just glad I decided not to buy the tiny lid for an extra $60."

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What Is This?

tiny furniture fail
Via Twitter @brendablancart2.

A TV Stand For ANTS?

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Not All Of These Items Are Too Small

too big gloves
Via Twitter @LJ_Little_Legs.

Some of them are downright huge!

Twitter user Laura posted these too-big gloves with the caption, "One size does not fit all."

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That's One Gigantic Ladle

giant ladle
Via Bored Panda.

Maybe he can lend it to the guy with the mayo to serve up all that potato salad? Just a suggestion! What can I say? I'm a fixer.

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Hope You Like Cornflakes, Kid

giant corn flakes
Via Twitter @clemmie_telford.

'Cuz you're going to be eating these until you go to college

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Talk About A Fashion "Don't"

jumpsuit fail
Via Facebook @KnockOffNightmares.

 Must. Resist....

**Don't Type Captain Cameltoe. Don't do it.**

Oops, too late.

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Nailed It!

dress fail
Via Wardrobe_7.

Something about the fit of this "dress" isn't quite right, but I can't put my finger on it.

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Size Extra Loooooooooong

long jeans fail
Via Twitter @GeorgeRiggall.

THIS is why we use the dressing room and try stuff on, folks. This right here.

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Prom Dress Catastrophe

prom dress fail
Via Twitter @_Annie_AreYouOk.

We've seen our share of awful (but hilarious) prom dresses, but this one is a new low. That fabric looks like it's one step up from a Hefty bag. 

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Could Be Worse, I Guess

online dress shopping fail
Via Twitter @jjacoby14.

Speaking of Hefty bag dresses....

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At Least It Wasn't Your Wedding Dress

dress fail China
Via Guff.

But why is it green? It isn't even close!

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Help Me, Obiwan Kenobe. This Dress Is Ridiculous.

Leia costume fail
Via TheThings.

Hasn't poor Princess Leia suffered enough? This is just cruel.

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His Spidey Senses Are Definitely Tingling

spiderman fail
Via BabaMail.

And you though that Leia dress was the worst Halloween costume on this list! Think again!

Remember, friends - read those item descriptions carefully unless you want to end up on a list like this! If all else fails, make sure the retailer has a decent return policy! Let's face it; it's just a matter of time until the tiny shoe is on the other foot.