Online Music Degrees and Courses

Online Universities and Correspondence Courses

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For those who want to pursue a music degree but find it difficult to do so because of time constraints, financial difficulties or physical limitations, there is another option - online schools and/or correspondence courses. Today, more and more universities are offering courses online, making it possible to earn a degree in the comfort of your own home and at a time that is convenient for you.

Of course, there is both a downside and an upside to taking online courses. First of all, you must make sure that the school is legitimate and accredited; ask how much the tuition is or if there are additional fees, know your teachers' background, etc.

Nevertheless, for those who are interested in pursuing music, here are several universities offering certificates, courses, and degrees.

  • Berklee Online is the online school of the renowned Berklee College of Music.  The school offers online Bachelor of Professional Studies degree programs in Music Production, Music Business, Interdisciplinary Music Studies (build your own program) and more, as well as multicourse certificate programs and individual courses. Its curriculum covers music production, performance, ​​music business, songwriting, orchestration, and beyond, all taught by Berklee faculty, and accessible from anywhere in the world.  
  • Valley City State University (Dept. of Music) - Located in Valley City, North Dakota, this fully-accredited school now offers a complete B.S. in Music from a distance undergraduate program. Online courses include Music Theory, Music History and Pedagogy (applied and piano). Courses are open to anyone, ​including music teachers preparing for the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) National Certification. They are also offering aural skills I-IV and basic conducting courses online.
  • Mary Pappert School of Music - One of Duquesne University's educational institutions; this school offers a Master of Music Major in Music Education.
  • Judson College - Offers a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Music. Also offers various music courses including Introduction to Church Music, Music in Worship, Music Theory, Music History and Music Education (elementary).
  • Auburn University - Offers a masters degree in Music Education.
  • Boston University - Offers a Masters of Music in Music Education and Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education.
  • Stephen F. Austin State University - Offers a Master of Arts in Music Education.
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa - Offers a Master of Arts in Music Education.
  • University of Northern Iowa - Offers guided independent study courses as well as Master of Music in Music Education.
  • University of Southern Mississippi - Offers various distance learning courses including The Psychology of Music and The Enjoyment of Music.
  • University of North Texas - Scheduled courses in Jazz Fundamentals, Music Appreciation, and others.
  • West Texas A&M University - Offers courses in music education, music history, and song literature.
  • University of Southern Maine - USM has launched a new graduate certificate program for music educators called "Composing Together." The program teaches music educators how to teach music composition to PreK-12 students and also allows teachers to study music composition.
  • Indiana University (Indianapolis campus) - Pursue a Master of Science in Music Technology from Indiana University's online program.
  • Wyndham Academy of Music - This online school offers a technical Diploma in Piano Education.
  • Point Blank Music School - Offers professional course programs in Music Production & Sound Recording, Audio Production & Engineering, Music Production & Composition, to name a few. Also offers specialist courses in Sound Design, Audio Mixing, Songwriting and Disc Jockeying. Point Blank is also an Approved Training Centre for music software such as Apple and Ableton.
  • Georgia Perimeter College - Offering Music History and Music Theory courses online. These courses are designed and currently being taught by Assistant Music Prof. Slava Michael Prudchenko.