Online Business Ideas for Kids

Kids can receive a hands-on business education when they open their own business. With a reliable internet connection, a digital camera, shipping materials, and a few hours every week, nearly any kid can earn money with an online job.

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Sell Crafts

Mother and daughter preparing packages at home
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For kids who enjoy knitting hats or assembling craft kits, this business option allows them to make money from their hobby. Various online stores like eBay or Etsy allow users to sell handmade items to customers around the world.

Pros: Many affordable craft kits can be purchased from local craft stores. Assembled with care, these kits transform into attractive products. Kids can cut costs by purchasing supplies in bulk from online sources.

Cons: Etsy requires users to be over the age of 18 so kids will need an adult partner. The time requirements to complete complicated crafts often outweigh the financial benefits. To make a profit, kids must choose simple crafts that require little time to complete.

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Design and Assemble Jewelry

Necklaces, friendship bracelets, earrings, or ankle bracelets are easy to make and sell. With the popularity of jewelry making, kids should be able to find the jewelry making tools and products with ease.

Pros: This business suits kids of nearly any age and requires minimal adult supervision. Customers can easily purchase jewelry online, and jewelry ships easily with limited cost.

Cons: Kids must keep the supplies organized to keep the materials from tangling or becoming lost. Small parts can be choking hazards for younger siblings.

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Sew Clothing or Fabric Accessories

Hip and fashionable kids will thrive in this business. Ideas include adding colorful patches to jeans or shirts, designing matching handbags and wallets, outfitting pets with sweaters or socks, or repairing vintage clothing.

Pros: Everyone wears clothing, so this business potentially includes a good return on investment. Customers will appreciate the customized product they receive.

Cons: These orders will be challenging to sew in advance due to the multiple sizes of clothing. Fabric is expensive, so the product’s price will need to reflect the cost of the sewing materials.

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Build Wooden Birdhouses, Bird Feeders, or Flower Planters

These projects allow kids to help promote nature and preserve the environment. Made from scratch or from a kit, each kid can create their own unique designs and color patterns.

Pros: For kids interested in woodworking, this business provides them with an outlet for their talent. This project typically requires an adult’s assistance, which teaches kids teamwork and cooperation.

Cons: Making wooden products from scratch requires power tools and assistance from an adult. Check online for pre-cut kits that only require glue and paint. Heavy products may be expensive to ship.

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Sell Artwork

Sell artwork like painted prints, ceramics, or sculptures. Talented artists can create custom paintings from a photo provided by the customer. Another option includes producing numerous copies of one print to sell exclusively online.

Pros: Instead of merely decorating their bedroom walls, artistic kids use their talents to make money. They share their skills with others in a lucrative online job.

Cons: Kids must possess an exceptional talent to find success in selling art. Certain types of art require a large workspace and make a big mess. The artwork must be packed carefully to avoid breakage during shipment.

Online businesses for kids can be financially lucrative and educationally rich experiences and are very different from typical jobs for kids. Kids learn basic business and budgeting principles that help them in all areas of life. With pride, they can spend their own money to purchase a new toy or pay for college. An online business also helps kids give back to their community when they donate a portion of their profits to local charities.

For motivated and skilled kids, operating an online business gives them an outlet for their talent while preparing them for the real world they must navigate as adults.