One Club: How to Play the Golf Game

Which club will you use in One Club? Better choose wisely. It's the only club you'll hit all day.
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Back in my early days as a golfer, I ran into a fellow golfer who told me about the time he and a buddy played Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio (site of today's WGC Bridgestone Invitational) each using only their 5-irons. They both sounded crazy to me. In fact, they were playing One Club.

One Club Format

"One Club" is a golf format that is occasionally used in tournaments but is probably more common as a game between golf buddies, or as a practice game for a single golfer. 

How do you play One Club? Hint: It's exactly what it sounds like. That's right: One Club is a round of golf in which you play using only ... one golf club. And yes, you even have to putt with that single club.

If One Club is used as a tournament format, then the tournament organizers might specify which club all participants must use. More likely, the choice of club will be left up to the golfers.

As a game played between friends in a group, the choice of club is up to each member of the group.

One Club can be a great practice game, too, because it forces you to experiment with different ways of playing shots - opening up the blade, flighting balls up or down, hitting low stingers, and so on.

When choosing the one golf club that you'll play with, you'll want a club that can get you down the fairway at least a little bit off the tee, while also having enough loft for use out of bunkers and for chipping and pitching. Five-irons and 6-irons are popular One Club choices.