The Women's Olympic All-Around Champions

Simone Biles performing gymnastics.
Joe Robbins / Getty Images

In 1952 the Olympics began awarding the Women's All-Around Champion medals for Gymnastics. The competition is fierce with competitors coming from all over the globe.

Women's All-Around Champions 

Here us every gold, silver, and bronze winner along with the country they were representing and score.

  • 1952 (Helsinki, Finland)
    GOLD Maria Gorokhovskaya, USSR 76.780
    SILVER Nina Botsharova, USSR 75.940
    BRONZE Margit Korondi, Hungary 75.820
  • 1956 (Melbourne, Australia)
    GOLD Larissa Latynina, USSR 74.993
    SILVER Agnes Keleti, Hungary 74.633
    BRONZE Sofia Mouratova, USSR 74.466
  • 1960 (Rome, Italy)
    GOLD Larissa Latynina, USSR 77.031
    SILVER Sofia Mouratova, USSR 76.696
    BRONZE Polina Astakhova, USSR 76.164
  • 1964 (Tokyo, Japan)
    GOLD Vera Caslavska, Czechoslovakia 77.564
    SILVER Larissa Latynina, USSR 76.998
    BRONZE Polina Astakhova, USSR 76.965
  • 1968 (Mexico City, Mexico)
    GOLD Vera Caslavska, Czechoslovakia 78.250
    SILVER Zinaida Voronina, USSR 76.850
    BRONZE Natalia Kuchinskaya, USSR 76.750
  • 1972 (Munich, Germany)
    GOLD Ludmilla Tourischeva, USSR 77.025
    SILVER Karin Janz, East Germany 76.875
    BRONZE Tamara Lazakovitch, USSR 76.850
  • 1976 (Montreal, Canada)
    GOLD Nadia Comaneci, Romania 79.275
    SILVER Nellie Kim, USSR 78.675
    BRONZE Ludmilla Tourischeva, USSR 77.025
  • 1980 (Moscow, USSR)
    GOLD Elena Davydova, USSR 79.15
    SILVER (tie) Maxi Gnauck, East Germany 79.075; Nadia Comaneci, Romania 79.075
  • 1984 (Los Angeles, USA)*
    GOLD Mary Lou Retton, USA 79.175
    SILVER Ecaterina Szabo, Romania 79.125
    BRONZE Simona Pauca, Romania 78.675
  • 1988 (Seoul, Korea)
    GOLD Elena Shushunova, USSR 79.662
    SILVER Daniela Silivas, Romania 79.637
    BRONZE Svetlana Boguinskaya, USSR 79.400
  • 1992 (Barcelona, Spain)
    GOLD Tatiana Gutsu, The Unified Team** 39.737
    SILVER Shannon Miller, USA 39.725
    BRONZE Lavinia Milosovici, Romania 39.687
  • 1996 (Atlanta, USA)
    GOLD Lilia Podkopayeva, Ukraine 39.255
    SILVER Gina Gogean, Romania 39.075
    BRONZE (tie) Simona Amanar, Romania 39.067; Lavinia Milosovici, Romania 39.067
  • 2000 (Sydney, Australia)
    GOLD Simona Amanar, Romania 38.642***
    SILVER Maria Olaru, Romania 38.581
    BRONZE Liu Xuan, China 38.418
  • 2004 (Athens, Greece)
    GOLD Carly Patterson, USA 38.387
    SILVER Svetlana Khorkina, Russia 38.211
    BRONZE Zhang Nan, China 38.049
  • 2008 (Beijing, China)
    GOLD Nastia Liukin, USA 63.325
    SILVER Shawn Johnson, USA 62.725
    BRONZE Yang Yilin, China 62.650
  • 2012 (London, Great Britain)
    GOLD Gabrielle Douglas, USA 62.232
    SILVER Viktoria Komova, Russia 61.973
    BRONZE Aliya Mustafina, Russia 59.566
  • 2016 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    GOLD Simone Biles, USA 62.198
    SILVER Aly Raisman, USA 60.098
    BRONZE Aliya Mustafina, Russia 58.665
  • 2020 (Tokyo, Japan)****
    GOLD Sunisa Lee, USA 57.433
    SILVER Rebecca Andrade, Brazil 57.298
    BRONZE Angelina Melnikova, Russian Olympic Committee 57.199

* In 1984 the USSR -- the most dominant team of the era -- boycotted the Games, possibly affecting the results

** In 1992, the former USSR competed as the Unified Team, then split into independent republics starting in 1996.

***In 2000, the results of the 2000 Olympic all-around were officially changed after original champion Andreea Raducan tested positive for a banned substance. Simona Amanar, the original silver medalist, was officially awarded the gold medal, and the gymnasts in spots 3 and 4 each moved up as well. 

****Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned 2020 Tokyo Olympics instead took place in 2021, but retained the official year of 2020. At those Olympics, athletes from Russia competed under the IOC flag and the team name "Russian Olympic Committee," following rulings from the World Anti-Doping Agency and the Court of Arbitration for Sport that temporarily banned Russian athletes from competing under the Russian country name, anthem, flag, and related identifiers.