Oldest PGA Tour Winners

PGA Tour Records: All the over-50 champions

Sam Snead practicing at Augusta National prior to the 1965 Masters
Sam Snead in 1965, the year he won on the PGA Tour at age 52. Bettmann/Getty Images

In PGA Tour history, seven golfers over age 50 have won tournaments. The oldest of those seven was just shy of 53 years old. The following golfers are the oldest in PGA Tour history to capture a trophy:

1. The Oldest PGA Tour Winner: Sam Snead, Age 52

The Slammer, Sam Snead, was 52 years, 10 months and 8 days old on the day he won the 1965 Greater Greensboro Open. And that makes him the oldest champion in PGA Tour history.

It was the 25th time Snead played the GGO, as it was often called then (the tournament is still part of the PGA Tour today, but under the name Wyndham Championship). It was 27 years after he first played that tournament in 1938.

And Snead won that 1938 debut. He won the tournament again six more times after that. So his victory in 1965 was his eighth, which set a record for most times winning the same PGA Tour event.

And his final victory in the tournament coming 27 years after his first also set a record, for most years between first and last wins in the same PGA Tour tournament.

It was a momentous tournament for Slammin' Sam.

Snead was two off the lead after an opening 68, then tied for the 36-hole lead with Billy Casper following a second-round 69. Snead took a two-stroke lead after a third-round 68, then added another 68 in the fourth round and won by five strokes.

2. Art Wall, Age 51

Art Wall was 51 years, 7 months, 10 days old when he won the 1975 Greater Milwaukee Open. He beat future broadcaster Gary McCord by a stroke for the win. Wall, by the way, was once the credited record-holder for most holes-in-one—he made 45 of them.

3. Davis Love III, Age 51

Davis Love III is the most-recent over-50 champ on the PGA Tour. He was 51 years, 4 months old when he won the 2015 Wyndham Championship. And that makes the Greater Greensboro Open/Wyndham Championship the only tournament (so far) in PGA Tour history with two over-50 champs.

4. Jim Barnes, Age 51

Barnes was 51 years, 3 months, 7 days old when he won the 1937 Long Island Open. Barnes is little-remembered today, but he was a major star in 19-teens and 1920s. He won four majors, including the first-ever PGA Championship in 1916.

5. John Barnum, Age 51

Barnum was 51 years, 1 month, 5 days old when he won the 1962 Cajun Classic. For Barnum, the victory at the 1962 Cajun Classic was the only one of his PGA Tour career. But he made it count. First, he was only the second over-50 golfer to win on the PGA Tour. Second, he set a record that still stands as the oldest first-time PGA Tour winner. And third, Barnum was the first golfer ever to win a PGA Tour tournament using a Ping putter.

6. Fred Funk, Age 50

Funk was 50 years, 8 months, 12 days old when he won the 2007 Mayakoba Golf Classic. It was the first time that tournament was played, and Funk's victory happened in a playoff over Jose Coceres.

7. Craig Stadler, Age 50

Stadler was 50 years, 1 month, 18 days when he won the 2003 B.C. Open. Stadler also won three tournaments on the Champions Tour in 2003, making him the first golfer to win on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour in the same year.

Note that three of the golfers on the winners-over-50 list are Hall of Famers (Snead, Love, Barnes). Two others (Wall, Stadler) were major championships winners.