Oldest Golfer to Make the Cut in a PGA Tour Tournament

PGA Tour Records: Oldest to Make Cut

Sam Snead during the 1978 PGA Championship
Sam Snead pictured in 1978, one year before he became the oldest golfer ever to make a PGA Tour cut. Bettmann/Getty Images

The oldest golfer to make a cut on the PGA Tour was 67 years old when he did it. It happened in the last year of the 1970s, Sam Snead was the golfer, and the record still stands.

Sam Snead's Final PGA Tour Cut Happened ...

... at the 1979 Manufacturers Hanover Westchester Classic. Snead was 67 years, 2 months, 21 days old at the time.

It didn't look good for the Slammer when he opened the tournament with a 76. But in the second round, Snead rebounded with a 70, to stand at 146. Those at 147 and below missed the cut, so Snead made the cut on the number.

Snead shot 77 in the third round, then 74 in the final round. So his total was 76-70-77-74--297, 13-over par. He finished in 74th place, last among golfers who made the cut.

But he did make the cut, at the age of 67, setting this PGA Tour record.

Snead's nephew, J.C. Snead, finished tied for seventh in the 1979 Westchester Classic. The winner was Jack Renner at 7-under 277.

67-Year-Old Snead Made Several Cuts That Year

The 1979 PGA Tour season was the final one in which Snead made a cut, but he went out with a bang, including setting the record for oldest golfer to make a cut.

Snead made four cuts that years in six starts, and even finished as high as 28th place:

  • In March, Snead made the cut and finished 28th at the Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic.
  • In July, he made the cut and finished 36th at the Ed McMahon Quad City Open.
  • In August, the Slammer made the cut and finished 42nd at the PGA Championship.

The Westchester Classic followed the 1979 PGA Championship by two weeks and was the site of Snead's final made cut on the PGA Tour.

At the PGA Championship, Snead set the record for oldest golfer to make the cut in a major. At the Quad Cities Open, Snead shot his age (67) in the second round, then bettered it (66) in the final round. Which makes him the golfer to shoot his age on the PGA Tour.

Snead also still holds the PGA Tour record as oldest golfer with a Top 10 finish and oldest golfer to win on the PGA Tour. Snead set those records in earlier years.

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