Old Woman's Ghost Reflection Appears in Photo

Can Spirits Attach Themselves to Furniture?

The ghost of an old woman in a secretary reflection.
Courtesy of Trevor and Natasha Beemon

Can spirits attach themselves to objects, such as furniture? This photo could be evidence that they do.

Trevor and Natasha Beemon are in the business of restoring old pieces of furniture. The couple from Woodstock, Georgia hunt at garage sales and estate sales for good pieces of furniture to buy, restore, and then resell at their antique booth. This particular piece, however — an attractive secretary with desk and bookcase components and hidden compartments — might have come with something extra hidden: the ghost of the former owner.

Can Ghosts Be Attached to Furniture?

After the secretary, originally made in the 1940s or 1950s, was refinished, the Beemons took it to their booth for sale. They always photograph new and especially attractive items for publicity purposes.

"We always take photos of items in the booth for our Facebook and Instagram pages," Trevor told WPXI news reporters. "When we went to post this picture, I noticed my wife in the reflection. I zoomed in and saw a woman standing next to her with her head on her shoulder. I freaked out because nobody was there with us when we were taking pictures."

Natasha confirmed that there was no living person standing next to her when she took the photo with her cell phone. Yet the picture clearly shows an older woman with white or gray hair resting her head on Natasha's shoulder and possibly clutching Natasha's arm with her hand.

According to the news story, the Beemons were told that the old woman passed away about 20 years ago, although it was not made clear who the woman might be.

"I've heard stories about spirits and ghosts being attached to objects," Trevor said, "but since we collect antiques, I try not to think about that!"

The couple also wonders if when they sell the secretary if the ghost will remain attached to it and follow it to the home of the new owners. "We'll see if she follows the piece when it's purchased," Trevor said. "I do feel okay about it because the woman appears to approve. I mean, she looks like she is looking at the piece with pride and happiness."

Photo Evaluation

We find this to be an especially interesting ghost photo for a number of reasons:

  • It doesn't have the obviousness of many hoax photos.
  • The Beemons seem sincere. According to the news article, Trevor Beemon did not actively seek publicity for the photo. Rather he was approached about it by the reporter.
  • Natasha certainly would have remembered an elderly woman leaning on her as she took the photo, making it quite unlikely that it was a real person standing there.

However, if we are to be skeptical ghost investigators, we must always consider the possibility that the photo could be a hoax or that there is a rational explanation for it.