Calculating Child Support in Oklahoma

How to use the Oklahoma child support calculator as an effective tool

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The state of Oklahoma uses specific guidelines to determine child support. Parents who want to estimate either how much child support they owe, or how much child support they will receive, should use Oklahoma’s interactive child support calculator, which is provided by the state. Below are some resources and tips for using Oklahoma's child support calculator along with considerations for child support preparation and more.

How to Prepare for Questions From the Child Support Calculator Form

The child support calculator provided by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) asks almost 20 questions on their Oklahoma child support calculator regarding gross monthly income, childcare and health insurance expenses, and additional contributions such as cash medical support. These questions are used to calculate estimated child support costs. It is recommended that parents and guardians seeking child support come prepared in advance of the survey with these costs outlined in order to receive the most approximate estimation.

Note that parents can agree on a different amount of child support that deviates from the guidelines or calculation provided, as long as the amount is in the child's best interests. Child support stops when the child reaches the age of 18 unless he or she is still in high school. In the latter situation, child support must be paid until the child graduates or turns 19 years old.

Using the Oklahoma Child Support Calculator

Parents should only use the Oklahoma child support calculator provided on the state’s Department of Human Services website. Third-party child support calculators may not provide users with a reliable, accurate child support estimate.

Parents and family members should also be aware that the Oklahoma child support calculator is designed to provide an estimate only. The only true income number for child support comes from the court. Like several other states, Oklahoma determines the amount of child support a parent must pay based on income. While these child support guidelines, set by the state, are reviewed frequently, the foundational rules have been set since 1987. 

To use the calculator, parents will need to know the total gross monthly income of both parents, including self-employment earnings and SSA Title II benefits. Parents and family members will also need to know about certain expenses for each parent, including health insurance premiums, additional medical expenses, and expenses related to visitation and transportation. There will also be the choice between downloading an Excel spreadsheet and using the Oklahoma's online child support calculator, located on the aforementioned OKDHS website.

Requesting Child Support in Oklahoma

  • Families can become familiar with Oklahoma’s child support guidelines.
  • They can also print an application for child support services right from the Department of Human Services website.
  • Parents will need to then mail the application directly to the Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry at P. O. Box 268876, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8876.
  • When filing for child support, parents must provide as much detailed, accurate information as they can.

Tips for Parents Who Owe Child Support in Oklahoma

  • Parents can make child support payments Oklahoma Child Support Services' Web Pay System.
  • Parents should be aware that the state of Oklahoma charges interest on unpaid child support.
  • If parents have difficulty paying child support, they should consider requesting a child support modification.