The Official Collectors Guide to TV Guide

The Official Collectors Guide to TV Guide. Bangzoom Publishers

Growing up on a diet of (now) classic television shows, the one thing they all had in common was the TV Guide cover. If the show was popular it eventually made the cover of the weekly magazine and of course had an article inside about the show and stars, one we couldn't wait to read. That's what makes this guide the ultimate in entertainment collecting -- it showcases over fifty years of our favorite stars and celebrities on TV Guide covers. And over fifty years of memories.

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  • Over 3750 Full-Color Pictures
  • Every Cover Published
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  • Cover artists include Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Jamie Wyeth, Charles Addams, Al Hirschfeld and Salvador Dali.
  • Lucy is the queen of the cover, she's been up front 39 times, much more than runner-up Johnny Carson's 28 issues.
  • Split covers first appeared in 1991, with numerous regional covers in the later 1990s.

The Official Collectors Guide to TV Guide

A terrific collectors book detailing the history of the popular weekly magazine, TV Guide, as well as a synopsis of fifty years of television programming. The book is a thumbnail view reflecting just how television has changed over the years and how we have changed along with it.

Collecting TV Guides is not hard, suggestions in the book are looking at flea markets, as well as in the garages and attics of friends and family. It's also suggested contacting trash removal companies who clean out homes for their help!

What's the most valuable issue? The first one issue of Lucy's Baby that was published in April 1953, following that is the Adventures of Superman with George Reeves on the cover (09/25/53), Elvis Presley (9/8/56), and Howdy Doody (6/25/54). You could expect to pay in the $1950 price range for issue #1, but after that prices drop dramatically, making this an affordable hobby.

Interested in collecting TV Guide? Well, it might be a little difficult to collect over fifty years worth of copies, so the best idea is to specialize. Perhaps by the show, decade or subject. In fact, many times TV Guide is not in itself collected, as much as the subject that fits into another collection. e.g. Space collectors would enjoy the July 19, 1969, cover of the first live telecast from the moon and Disney collectors might collect the Mickey Mouse club cover of October 1, 1957.