The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC Cheats — Rings, Amulets, and Clothing

Spawn in-game items via these cheat codes

Prison level from Oblivion

mrwynd / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the fourth installment in Bethesda Softworks' popular role-playing game series. There are many cheat codes available for the PC version of the game, but some of them require a unique item code. Here's an index of Oblivion clothing, rings, and amulet codes.

This guide is specifically for the PC version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

How to Use Oblivion PC Cheat Codes

You can use any of the below codes with the cheat player.additem [code number]. Press the tilde key (~) while in-game to open the developer console, then type a cheat code. Press the Enter key to activate it.

For example, to get an Aegis Robe, type the following:

player.additem 0000552C

Oblivion Clothing, Rings, and Amulet Codes

The codes listed here are used with the player.additem cheat code in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Item Cheat Code
Acrobatics Pants 00048981
Acrobat's Amulet 00098457
Aegis Robe 0000552C
Ahdarji's Ring 00035E95
Amulet of Absorption 0009843E
Amulet of Axes 00098453
Amulet of Illusion 00092AC6
Amulet of Interrogation 000C04D6
Amulet of Kings 000250A0
Amulet of Luck 00091AD5
Amulet of Reflection 0009845B
Amulet of the Ansei 00187BBF
Ancotar's Ring of Protection 00030135
Apron of Adroitness 00094ECB
Apron of the Master Artisan 000CA122
Aqua Silk Hood 00071022
Aqua Silk Robes 00071021
Arch-Mage's Hood 00064FE0
Arch-Mage's Robe 00064FDF
Arnora's Amulet 00093551
Arnora's True Amulet 00053787
Astia's Necklace 000CBD53
Base Amulet of Absorption 0009843D
Base Amulet of Illusion 00092AC5
Base Amulet of Luck 00091AD4
Base Amulet of Reflection 000937FA
Base Necklace of Mercantile 00092AAD
Base Necklace of Personality 00091AD1
Base Necklace of Seawalking 00098443
Base Necklace of Speechcraft 00092AB6
Base Necklace of the Sea 00098440
Base Ring of Acrobatics 00091C3C
Base Ring of Aegis 00098437
Base Ring of Agility 00091AC8
Base Ring of Alchemy 00092AB9
Base Ring of Alteration 00092ABC
Base Ring of Athletics 00091C2A
Base Ring of Blades 00091C2D
Base Ring of Block 00091C30
Base Ring of Blunt Force 00091C33
Base Ring of Brawling 00091C36
Base Ring of Conjuration 00092ABF
Base Ring of Destruction 0009DED3
Base Ring of Detect Life 00091AB6
Base Ring of Endurance 00091ACE
Base Ring of Feather 00091AB9
Base Ring of Fire Shield 00091ABD
Base Ring of Firewalking 00098419
Base Ring of Fortitude 0009845D
Base Ring of Freedom 00098425
Base Ring of Frost Shield 000937EF
Base Ring of Health 00091C21
Base Ring of Heavy Armor 00091C39
Base Ring of Intelligence 00091AC2
Base Ring of Light 000937F2
Base Ring of Light Armor 00091C3F
Base Ring of Magicka 00091C24
Base Ring of Mysticism 00092AC8
Base Ring of Nighteye 000937F5
Base Ring of Nihilism 0009841F
Base Ring of Restoration 00092ACB
Base Ring of Retribution 00091AAF
Base Ring of Security 00092AB0
Base Ring of Shadows 00091AAE
Base Ring of Shock Shield 0009843A
Base Ring of Sneak 00092AB3
Base Ring of Speed 00091ACB
Base Ring of Steelskin 00098422
Base Ring of Storms 0009842B
Base Ring of Strength 00091ABF
Base Ring of the Archer 00092AAA
Base Ring of the Armorer 00091C27
Base Ring of the North 0009841C
Base Ring of the Viper 00098428
Base Ring of Vigor 00091AD7
Base Ring of Willpower 00091AC5
Beggar's Shirt 00064F7E
Belted Braies 0002B90B
Belted Vest 0002B90C
Black & Burgundy Outfit 0001C887
Black Band 0002FF34
Black Hand Hood 000651D3
Black Hand Robe 000651D2
Black Hood 00064FE3
Black Robe 00064FE2
Black Wide Pants 00064F7B
Blackheart's Ring 0002C633
Blacksmith's Apron 000229A6
Blacksmith's Pants 000229A7
Blackwood Ring of Silence 00098175
Blue & Green Outfit 0001C884
Blue Collar Shirt 0000C59E
Blue Silk Shirt 00064FE5
Blue Silks 00064FE4
Blue Suede Shoes 0002319E
Blue Velvet Outfit 0002319D
Boots of Springheel Jak 000148D4
Braided Leather Sandals 0002B90D
Brass Pearl Ring 00038017
Brass Ring 00038011
Brass Topaz Ring 00038018
Breeches 00028587
Bronze Amulet 0003802D
Bronze Necklace 00038027
Brown Shirt 000229AD
Buckled Shoes 00028733
Burgundy Linen Shirt 00000B86
Burgundy Linens 0001047C
Burlap Vest 0002C0F8
Chameleon Robe 0000844D
Child Overalls 000CAAA1
Circlet of Omnipotence 00088FED
Clogs 0002858E
Coarse Linen Shirt 0001C82E
Coarse Linens 0001C82C
Collared Shirt 00028732
Colovian Signet Ring 00032DA0
Copper Amulet 0003802E
Copper Necklace 00038028
Copper Pearl Ring 00038019
Copper Ring 00038012
Copper Ruby Ring 0003801B
Copper Topaz Ring 0003801A
Councilor's Hood 000CA12C
Cowl of the Druid 000CA121
Cruelty's Heart 000347E3
Dark Green Shirt 000229AA
Dark Shirt 00064F7D
Doeskin Shoes 0001C883
Draconian Madstone 0007304D
Draconian Madstone 0001C172 
Dreamworld Amulet 00089008
Dreamworld Amulet 0002CDC6
Ebony Diamond Ring 00038026
Ebony Emerald Ring 00038025
Ebony Ring 00038016
Elemental Ring 00098450
Emperor's Robe 00023D33
Emperor's Robe  0000BC2D
Emperor's Shoes  00023D53
Ernest's Best Shirt 00064F76
Ernest's Fancy Pants 000CBD37
Ernest's Shoes 000CBD39
Eye of Sithis 00082DE0
Feather Shoes 00048991
Fishing Waders 0002ECAC
Flame Ring 0009844C
Flax Tunic 0002C0FA
Forester's Shirt 00064F79
Fortify Fatigue Pants 00048992
Fortify Magicka Pants 0000552D
Frost Ring 0009844D
Gold Amulet 00038031
Gold Diamond Ring 00038024
Gold Emerald Ring 00038023
Gold Necklace 0003802B
Gold Ring 00038015
Gold Sapphire Ring 00038022
Gold Trimmed Shoes 0001C888
Grand Amulet of Absorption 0009843F
Grand Amulet of Illusion 00092AC7
Grand Amulet of Luck 00091AD6
Grand Amulet of Reflection 0009845C
Grand Necklace of Mercantile 00092AAF
Grand Necklace of Personality 00091AD3
Grand Necklace of Seawalking 00098445
Grand Necklace of Speechcraft 00092AB8
Grand Necklace of the Sea 00098441
Grand Ring of Acrobatics 00091C3E
Grand Ring of Aegis 00098439
Grand Ring of Agility 00091ACA
Grand Ring of Alchemy 00092ABB
Grand Ring of Alteration 00092ABE
Grand Ring of Athletics 00091C2C
Grand Ring of Blades 00091C2F
Grand Ring of Block 00091C32
Grand Ring of Blunt Force 00091C35
Grand Ring of Brawling 00091C38
Grand Ring of Conjuration 00092AC1
Grand Ring of Destruction 00092AC4
Grand Ring of Detect Life 00091AB8
Grand Ring of Endurance 00091AD0
Grand Ring of Feather 00091ABB
Grand Ring of Fire Shield 00091ABE
Grand Ring of Firewalking 0009841B
Grand Ring of Fortitude 00098418
Grand Ring of Freedom 00098427
Grand Ring of Frost Shield 000937F1
Grand Ring of Health 00091C23
Grand Ring of Heavy Armor 00091C3B
Grand Ring of Intelligence 00091AC4
Grand Ring of Light 000937F4
Grand Ring of Light Armor 00091C41
Grand Ring of Magicka 00091C26
Grand Ring of Mysticism 00092ACA
Grand Ring of Nighteye 000937F7
Grand Ring of Nihilism 00098421
Grand Ring of Restoration 00092ACD
Grand Ring of Retribution 000937F9
Grand Ring of Security 00092AB2
Grand Ring of Shadows 00091AB2
Grand Ring of Shock Shield 0009843C
Grand Ring of Sneak 00092AB5
Grand Ring of Speed 00091ACD
Grand Ring of Steelskin 00098424
Grand Ring of Storms 0009842D
Grand Ring of Strength 00091AC1
Grand Ring of the Archer 00092AAC
Grand Ring of the Armorer 00091C29
Grand Ring of the North 0009841E
Grand Ring of the Viper 0009842A
Grand Ring of Vigor 00091AD9
Grand Ring of Willpower 00091AC7
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal 00022E81
Greater Amulet of Interrogation 000C04D7
Green Brocade Doublet 000229B0
Green Felt Linens 00028731
Green Robe 0007101B
Green Robe Hood 0007101C
Green Silk Garment 000229B1
Green Velvet Shoes 000229B2
Green Wool Shirt 0002ECB0
Grey Robe 0012DD1E
Grey Robe Hood 0012DD1F
Heinrich's Pants 000CBD3D
Heinrich's Shirt 000CBD3F
Heinrich's Shoes 000CBD47
Highwayman's Shirt 00064FE6
Hood of the Apprentice 0006A82D
Huntsman Leather Pants 00000857
Huntsman Moccasin 0001C82B
Huntsman Vest 00000883
Imperial Breeches 000CA125
Indarys Signet Ring 000335A8
Jade Amulet 00189CFE
Jade Amulet 0003802F
Jade Necklace 00038029
Jade Ring  00038013
Jade Ruby Ring 0003801D
Jade Sapphire Ring 0003801E
Jade Topaz Ring  0003801C
Jewel of the Rumare 000856EF
Jeweled Amulet 00038032
Jeweled Necklace 0003802C
King of Worms' Hood 001885CC
King of Worms' Robes 001885CA
Knights of the Thorn Medallion 000335A9
Kylius Lonavo's Ring 00189181
Laced Leather Pants 000229AB
Lesser Amulet of Interrogation 000C04D5
Lesser Chameleon Robe 00048990
Light Armor Vest 00048982
Light Brown Linens 000229AE
Mage's Hood 00064FE1
Mage's Robe 00064F7F
Manduin's Amulet 000347C8
Mankar Camoran's Robe 000BE31F
Mantle of the Woodsman 000CA129
Marksman Quilted Doublet 00048983
Mercantile Black Outfit 00048984
Mind and Body Ring 000366C1
Monk Robe 0001E7FF
Mundane Amulet 00038B07
Mundane Ring 0009844B
Mythic Dawn Hood 0008D755
Mythic Dawn Robe 00024DE2
Necklace of Mercantile 00092AAE
Necklace of Personality 00091AD2
Necklace of Seawalking 00098444
Necklace of Speechcraft 00092AB7
Necklace of Swords 00098452
Necklace of the Sea 00098442
Necromancer's Amulet 0007BE2B
Necromancer's Hood 001885CB
Necromancer's Robes 001885C9
Nistor's Boots 000CA12B
Oiled Linen Shoes 0001C82F
Olive Vest 0002C0F4
Pants 00000015
Patched Vest 0002ECAD
Phylactery of Litheness 000385A0
Pigskin Shoes 000229AF
Pinarus' Shirt 000CBD51
Plaid Shirt 00064F78
Quilted Doublet 0001C831
Quilted Shoes 0001C886
Red Silk Hood  00071020
Red Silk Robes 0007101F
Red Velvet Blouse 00003A94
Red Velvet Garment 00003A93
Red Velvet Outfit 000A498E
Resist Cold Pants 0000844E
Resist Disease Burgundy Linen Shirt 00048989
Resist Fire Burgundy Linens 0004898A
Resist Normal Weapons Quilted Doublet 0004898B
Resist Poison Blue & Green Outfit 0004898C
Ring of Acrobatics 00091C3D
Ring of Aegis 00098438
Ring of Agility 00091AC9
Ring of Alchemy 00092ABA
Ring of Alteration 00092ABD
Ring of Athletics 00091C2B
Ring of Blades 00091C2E
Ring of Block 00091C31
Ring of Blunt Force 00091C34
Ring of Brawling 00091C37
Ring of Burden 0002E5AC
Ring of Conjuration 00092AC0
Ring of Destruction 00092AC3
Ring of Detect Life 00091AB7
Ring of Eidolon's Edge 0004F9E5
Ring of Endurance  00091ACF
Ring of Feather 00091ABA
Ring of Fire Shield 00091ABC
Ring of Firewalking 0009841A
Ring of Fortitude 00098417
Ring of Freedom 00098426
Ring of Frost Shield 000937F0
Ring of Health 00091C22
Ring of Heavy Armor 00091C3A
Ring of Intelligence 00091AC3
Ring of Khajiiti 00027110
Ring of Light 000937F3
Ring of Light Armor 00091C40
Ring of Magicka 00091C25
Ring of Mysticism 00092AC9
Ring of Namira 0001C10A
Ring of Nighteye 000937F6
Ring of Nihilism 00098420
Ring of Perfection 00098446
Ring of Restoration 00092ACC
Ring of Retribution 000937F8
Ring of Security 00092AB1
Ring of Shadows 00091AB1
Ring of Shock Shield 0009843B
Ring of Skimming 00098456
Ring of Sneak 00092AB4
Ring of Speed 00091ACC
Ring of Stamina 00098447
Ring of Steelskin 00098423
Ring of Storms 0009842C
Ring of Strength 00091AC0
Ring of Sunfire 0001E0FA
Ring of the Archer 00092AAB
Ring of the Armorer 00091C28
Ring of the Gray 0000CCC8
Ring of the Iron Fist 00098458
Ring of the North 0009841D
Ring of the Viper 00098429
Ring of the Vipereye 0001C4DA
Ring of Thieves 00098455
Ring of Transmutation 000CA126
Ring of Treachery 00098449
Ring of Vigor  00091AD8
Ring of Vitality 0009844F
Ring of War 00098448
Ring of Willpower 00091AC6
Ring of Wizardry 0009844A
Ring of Wortcraft 000CA128
Robe of Creativity  000CA127
Robe of Defense 00005529
Robe of Deflection 00005519
Robe of Glib Tongues 000478A5
Robe of Protection 00005527
Robe of the Apprentice 000C8536
Robe of the Conjurer 000748AB
Robe of Warding 0000551C
Rough Leather Shoes 000229A8
Rugged Pants 00064F7A
Russet Felt Outfit 000352BA
Russet Felt Shirt of Blade Turning  0000844C
Russet Felt Shoes 000352BB
Sack Cloth Pants 00027318
Sack Cloth Sandals 0002731A
Sack Cloth Shirt 00027319
Security Russet Felt Shirt 00048985
Shield Ring 0007B7A6
Shirt 00000017
Shirt with Suspenders  00064F77
Shoes 00000016
Shop Keep's Shirt 000CBD33
Short Britches 00064F7C
Silver Amulet 00038030
Silver Emerald Ring 00038021
Silver Necklace 0003802A
Silver Ring 0003801F
Silver Ruby Ring 00038014
Silver Sapphire Ring 00038020
Sneak Blue Suede Shoes 00048986
Sorcerer's Ring 00098454
Spectre Ring 000CA12A
Speechcraft Green Brocade Doublet 00048987
Spelldrinker Amulet  00095A71
Stitched Green Shirt 0002C0F6
Stitched Leather Shoes 000229AC
Storm Ring 0009844E
Tan Linens  0001C830
Tan Robe 00071019
Tan Robe Hood 0007101A
Tattered Pants 0003EAAB
Tattered Robe 0007101D
Tattered Robe Hood 0007101E
Tattered Shirt 0003EAAC
The Deceiver's Finery 000348A5
Thick Cowhide Shoes 00000BEA
Ulfgar Family Ring  0001ECE4
Veil of the Seer 000CA124
Vest of the Bard 000CA123
Vest of Warding 00005530
Waterwalking Gold Trimmed Shoes 0004898F
Weatherward Circlet 0006BD75
Wedding Ring 00022E6D
White Mage's Robes 000A498F
White Mage's Shoes 000A4990
White Monk Robe 00071047
Wrist Irons 000BE335