The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Item Code Cheats for PC

Get any item, any time with the player.AddItem cheat code for Oblivion

The player.AddItem cheat makes it possible to get any item in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PC when you need it. For example, if you know the Oblivion lockpick ID code, you can unlock any door in the game.

Here are the codes for items that don't fall neatly into other categories like armor codes, weapon codes, or ingredient codes.

Cheats in this article apply exclusively to the Windows version. There are separate cheats for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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How to Enter Cheats for The Elder Scrolls IV on PC

To use these cheat codes, press the tilde (~) key to bring up the cheat console, then enter player.AddItem ID quantity. For example, if you want two baskets, you would enter:

player.AddItem 00024D91 2

If you wanted three skeleton keys in Oblivion, you would enter:

player.additem 0000000B 3

Item ID Cheat Codes for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Append the following codes along with a quantity to the player.AddItem cheat.

If you don't see the item you want in the tables below, then it can likely be found in one of our other lists of Elder Scrolls IV cheat codes.

Oblivion Item ID Codes A-E

Item ID Code
Agarmir's Shovel 0001D0AF
Akaviri Orders 000785E0
Argonian Heart 0003558F
Ayleid Statue 000844C4
Basket 00024D91
Bear Pelt 000228E3
Blood Potion 001192AE
Blue Cheese 000D3B25
Bone 0001DE26
Bones 00023882
Bouquet of Flowers 00049CFD
Bowl 0001F1DB
Broom 00019113
Brush Jar 0001BBCB
Brush of Truepaint 0001BB36
Calipers 0001C66C
Carved Panel 0002AF03
Ceramic Bowl 0002507A
Ceramic Cup 0002507B
Ceramic Goblet 0002507C
Ceramic Pitcher 0002507D
Ceramic Plate 0002507F
Ceramic Tankard 0002724F
Ceramic Urn 00025080
Ceramic Vase 00025081
Cheddar Cheese 000D3B2F
Clay Bowl 00022299
Clay Cup 00022538
Clay Goblet 0002253C
Clay Pitcher 00022543
Clay Plate 0002254C
Clay Tankard 00022559
Clay Urn 00022553
Clay Vase 00022557
Cloth 000008E6
Colossal Black Soul Gem 00007E9C
Covered Pot 000105E0
Crumpled Piece of Paper 000BF14D
Crystal Ball 0001C60D
Diamond 00038BA7
Dirty Shoes 0009F8FD
Element of Courage 0002C6EF
Element of Patience 0002C6EE
Element of Perception 0002C6F0
Element of Resolve 0002C6ED
Emerald 00038BA4
Empty Hist Bottle 0008996E
Eye of Nocturnal 00026AC9

Oblivion Item ID Codes F-M

Item ID Code
Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem 00007E9D
Finger of Adamus Phillida 001778DB
Fingers of the Mountain 0000510D
Flawed Diamond 00038BA8
Flawed Emerald 00038BA6
Flawed Pearl 00038B99
Flawed Ruby 00038B9F
Flawed Sapphire 00038BA2
Flawed Topaz 00038B9C
Flawless Diamond 00038BA9
Flawless Emerald 00038BA5
Flawless Pearl 00038B9A
Flawless Ruby 00038BA0
Flawless Sapphire 00038BA3
Flawless Topaz 00038B9D
Folded Cloth 00000D76
Fork 00019116
Garridan's Tear 00025B33
Glass of Time 0002A60B
Gold 0000000F
Gold Nugget 00049808
Great Sigil Stone 0003844E
Great Welkynd Stone 000345AF
Hand Scythe 00025100
Hermaeus Mora's Soul Gem 0008B61E
Hoe 00025101
Hourglass 0001C666
Imperial Legion Seal 0000C22C
Inkwell 00023D61
Key-Shaped Arrowhead 0001482C
Knife 00019117
Ladle 000105DB
Languorwine Antidote 00028276
Lion Pelt 000228E4
Llathasa's Bust 0001E861
Lockpick 0000000A
Loose Pipe 00089783
Magicka Potion 001192AF
Marana Rian's Coin 000613C0
Marble Cheese 000D3B2A
Metal Bowl 000CD400
Metal Goblet 000CD401
Metal Plate 000CD402
Metal Tankard 000CD407
Metal Urn 000CD4E9
Mother's Head 0006AAA5

Oblivion Item ID Codes N-R

Item ID Code
Newheim's Heirloom 00002E90
Oaken-Hall Heirloom 000CBD41
Oar 00025102
Olroy Cheese 0008C26A
Orb of Vaermina 0001EC18
Paint Brush 0001BBCA
Paint Palette 0001BBCC
Pearl 00038B98
Pewter Bowl 0001C624
Pewter Cup 000104C1
Pewter Fork 0001C622
Pewter Knife 0001C620
Pewter Mug 0000FD93
Pewter Pitcher 0001C61F
Pewter Plate 0001C626
Pewter Pot 0001C61A
Pewter Spoon 0001C623
Pickaxe 000180E0
Pitchfork 00025113
Planter 00015BBB
Plate 00019118
Quill 00023D63
Rake 00025116
Recently Used Pickaxe 0009F8FA
Red Bowl 000836CE
Repair Hammer 0000000C
Reward Painting 00034E62
Roderick's Medicine 00030FD7
Roderick's Poison 00030FD6
Rolled Up Portrait 00034E52
Ruby 00038B9E
Rufio's Skull 000918FA

Oblivion Item ID Codes S-Z

Item ID Code
Sands of Resolve 0002FB3F
Sapphire 00038BA1
Savilla's Stone 00014706
Scales 000105F3
Scales of Pitiless Justice 000918FD
Scythe 0002511A
Shears 0002511C
Shovel 000251A8
Silver Bowl 00000C08
Silver Carafe 00019107
Silver Fork 0001924A
Silver Glass 0001DBFC
Silver Goblet 0001DCCC
Silver Knife 00023C13
Silver Nugget 00049809
Silver Pitcher 00023C15
Silver Plate 00023C19
Silver Spoon 00023C1B
Silver Tankard 00023C1D
Silver Urn 00023C21
Silver Vase 00023C23
Skeletal Hand 00003A99
Skeleton Key 0000000B
Skull 00023F6E
Spoon 00019119
Statuette of a Dog 0007B7B0
Stone Brick 0002594A
Stone Cup 00019115
Stone Mug 000104CB
Stone of St. Alessi 00003949
Stone Pitcher 000105DD
Svenja's Arm 000C55E1
Svenja's Head 000C55E2
Svenja's Leg 000C55E0
Svenja's Torso 000C55E3
Tan Bowl 000836CF
Tan Cup 0001F1DE
Tan Goblet 00022542
Tan Jug 0001F1E4
Tan Mug 0001F1E5
Tan Pitcher 0001F1E6
Tan Plate 0001F1E7
Tan Tankard 00022550
Tan Urn 00022554
Tan Vase 00022558
Tongs 000251AC
Topaz 00038B9B
Torch 0002CF9F
Urn 00022551
Vampirism Cure Potion 0009812D
Varla Stone 00000194
Varulae's Crystal Ball 00095A38
Wedding Gift 000CBD43
Weight 0001C5ED
Welkynd Stone 00000191
West Weald Bear Fang 0018AE3F
Wolf Pelt 000228E2
Yarn 00025205