The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Armor Code Cheats for PC

Get any armor with the player.additem cheat code for PC

The player.additem cheat for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PC makes it possible to get any armor in the game. You just need to know the appropriate item ID code.

Cheats in this article apply exclusively to the version for Windows. There are separate cheats for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PS3 and the Xbox 360 version.

How to Enter Armor Cheats for The Elder Scrolls IV on PC

Press the tilde (~) key to display the cheat console while playing, then enter player.additem ID quantity. For example, if you want two Battlehunter Helmets, enter player.additem 00049686 2. If you want three Anvil Shields, enter player.additem 000352C3 3.

Elder Scrolls IV cheat codes are not case-sensitive.

Oblivion Armor Codes

Append the following codes along with a quantity to the player.additem cheat to get the desired piece of armor.

Oblivion Armor Codes A-B

Armor Code
Aegis of Reflection 00053D77
Aegis of the Apocalypse 000CA117
Agronak's Raiment 0003B1DC
Ambassador's Cuirass 0004965F
Ancient Blades Helmet 000C8540
Ancient Blades Shield 000C8541
Ancient Elven Helm 000150BA
Annealed Cuirass 0004939B
Anvil Cuirass 0002766D
Anvil Shield 000352C3
Apron of Adroitness 000C5B4F
Archer's Gauntlets 00049170
Arena Light Raiment 00029920
Armor Crafter's Gauntlets 0004F3F7
Armor of Tiber Septim 0001FECF
Ayleid Crown of Lindai 000BE5DA
Ayleid Crown of Nenalata 000BE5D8
Bands of Kwang Lao 000C47B1
Bands of the Chosen 0003C803
Barkeep's Gauntlets 0004950B
Battle Medic's Cuirass 00049362
Battlehunter Gauntlets 00049685
Battlehunter Helmet 00049686
Beveled Gauntlets 00049397
Birthright of Astalon 000CA110
Black Marsh Helmet 0004951A
Blackwood Boots 00038514
Blackwood Cuirass 00038510
Blackwood Gauntlets 00038511
Blackwood Greaves 00038512
Blackwood Helmet 00038513
Blackwood Shield 0003647D
Bladefall Cuirass 00049389
Blades Boots 00022F20
Blades Cuirass 00022F65
Blades Gauntlets 00022F6F
Blades Greaves 00023329
Blades Helmet 000738D6
Blades Shield 000738D7
Bloodworm Helm 0007BE43
Blower's Cuirass 000A577F
Bonfire Greaves 0004F401
Boots of Bloody Bounding 000348AC
Boots of Grounding 0004917A
Boots of Insulation 00049160
Boots of Legerity 0004916A
Boots of Plain Striding 0004F3F2
Boots of Running 00049509
Boots of Shock Resistance 00049370
Boots of Silence 00049173
Boots of Soft Walking 000A5785
Boots of the Atronach 00047892
Boots of the Calming Sea 00049392
Boots of the Cheetah 0004899E
Boots of the Cutpurse 0004914E
Boots of the Eel 000489AF
Boots of the Forest Stalker 000A5784
Boots of the Harbinger 00049652
Boots of the Jument 00049667
Boots of the Olympian 0004788D
Boots of the Savannah 0004F3F8
Boots of the Shark 000489B3
Boots of the Silt-runner 00049377
Boots of the Storm 0002C23F
Boots of the Swift Merchant 000CA111
Boots of the Taskmaster 0002C21E
Boots of the Thrall 0002C215
Boots of the Tiger 000489A6
Boots of the Unburdened 0004951D
Borosilicate Boots 000493A6
Bound Boots 0002626A
Bound Cuirass 0002626B
Bound Gauntlets 0002626C
Bound Greaves 00026270
Bound Helmet 00026272
Bound Mythic Dawn Armor 00033525
Bound Shield 00026263
Bravil Cuirass 00027673
Bravil Shield 000352C5
Broadhead Gauntlets 000A577A
Broken Shield 0006E2E1
Bruma Cuirass 00027677
Bruma Shield 000352C7
Brusef Amelion's Boots 0012DD1B
Brusef Amelion's Cuirass 000091FA
Brusef Amelion's Gauntlets 0012DD1A
Brusef Amelion's Greaves 0012DD18
Brusef Amelion's Helmet 0012DD19
Brusef Amelion's Shield 0012DD1C
Burning Shield 00049688

Oblivion Armor Codes C-D

Armor Code
Canopy Helmet 00049388
Cave Diver's Helmet 00049684
Cave Scout Helmet 00049676
Cavern Guide Gauntlets 00049674
Chainmail Boots 0001C6D4
Chainmail Cuirass 0001C6D3
Chainmail Gauntlets 0001C6D6
Chainmail Greaves 0001C6D5
Chainmail Helmet 000977BC
Chameleon Cuirass 00049165
Chedinhal Cuirass 00027678
Cheydinhal Shield 000352C9
Chorrol Cuirass 00027679
Chorrol Shield 000352CB
Clannfear Hide Shield 0004F3F9
Clear Sight Gauntlets 000A577C
Copperhead Cuirass 0004915F
Crystal Greaves 0004939A
Crystalline Cuirass 00049393
Cuirass of Anu's Blessing 00049380
Cuirass of Battle 00049672
Cuirass of Cleansing 000493A5
Cuirass of Fortitude 0002C218
Cuirass of Health 0004916C
Cuirass of Lifeblood 0004966C
Cuirass of Natural Assimilation 0004938B
Cuirass of Pain Resistance 0004969B
Cuirass of Poison Blood 0004969D
Cuirass of Protection 00049179
Cuirass of Resilience 00049520
Cuirass of Resistance 00049515
Cuirass of Skill 0004950C
Cuirass of Tenacity 0004968A
Cuirass of the Assassin 00049147
Cuirass of the Bear 0004899F
Cuirass of the Blood Legion 0002C223
Cuirass of the Cameleon 00048997
Cuirass of the Cave Viper 0004967C
Cuirass of the Cobra 000489AE
Cuirass of the Diplomat 00049660
Cuirass of the Elephant 000489AD
Cuirass of the Farlands Trader 000A577E
Cuirass of the Fox 000489A4
Cuirass of the Herald 00049521
Cuirass of the Juggernaut 00049692
Cuirass of the Pit Viper 0002C23B
Cuirass of the Ranger 00049378
Cuirass of the Spy 00049359
Cuirass of the Thief-catcher 0004914F
Cuirass of the Undefeated 0002C21B
Cuirass of Vitality 0004966A
Cured Shield 0004914C
Daedric Boots 00036359
Daedric Cuirass 0003635B
Daedric Gauntlets 0000C582
Daedric Greaves 0003635A
Daedric Helmet 000733F4
Daedric Shield 000733F0
Darksplitter Helmet 00049696
Deathmarch Greaves 0002C21A
Deepdweller's Shield 00049668
Deer Skin Gauntlets 00048999
Deer Skin Helmet 0004899B
Defender's Shield 00049670
Dondoran's Juggernaut 000CA10F
Dremora Caitiff Boots 0003E9BA
Dremora Caitiff Cuirass 0003E9BE
Dremora Caitiff Greaves 0003E9BF
Dremora Caitiff Helmet 0008B882
Dremora Caitiff Robe 00066A34
Dremora Caitiff Shield 0003E9C0
Dremora Churl Boots 0003E9B9
Dremora Churl Cuirass 0003E9BD
Dremora Churl Greaves 0003E9BC
Dremora Churl Robe 00066A33
Dremora Kynmarcher Boots 0003E9B3
Dremora Kynmarcher Cuirass 0003E9B4
Dremora Kynmarcher Greaves 0003E9B5
Dremora Kynmarcher Helmet 0008B88C
Dremora Kynmarcher Robe 00066A38
Dremora Kynreeve Boots 0003E9AF
Dremora Kynreeve Cuirass 0003E9B0
Dremora Kynreeve Greaves 0003E9B1
Dremora Kynreeve Helmet 0008B88A
Dremora Kynreeve Robe 00066A36
Dremora Kynreeve Shield 0000C57E
Dremora Kynval Boots 0003E9BB
Dremora Kynval Cuirass 0003E9C1
Dremora Kynval Greaves 0003E9AE
Dremora Kynval Helmet 0008B888
Dremora Kynval Robe 00066A35
Dremora Markynaz Boots 0003E9B6
Dremora Markynaz Cuirass 0000C580
Dremora Markynaz Greaves 0003E9B8
Dremora Markynaz Robe 00066A39
Dremora Valkynaz Robe 00066A3A
Dwarven Boots 00036347
Dwarven Ceremonial Shield 000C5610
Dwarven Cuirass 00036349
Dwarven Gauntlets 00036346
Dwarven Greaves 00036348
Dwarven Helmet 000733F1
Dwarven Shield 000733EE
Dwarvenskin Shield 0002C220

Oblivion Armor Codes E-G

Armor Code
Eagle Feather Shield 000489AA
Ebony Boots 00036353
Ebony Ceremonial Gauntlets 000C5615
Ebony Ceremonial Shield 000C561E
Ebony Cuirass 0002AD85
Ebony Gauntlets 00036352
Ebony Greaves 00036354
Ebony Helmet 000733F3
Ebony Shield 000733EF
Elven Boots 00014F13
Elven Ceremonial Cuirass 000C55FE
Elven Ceremonial Helmet 000CAB65
Elven Ceremonial Shield 000C7984
Elven Cuirass 0002299C
Elven Gauntlets 0002299E
Elven Greaves 0002299D
Elven Helmet 00014F12
Elven Shield 000229A0
Emperor's Boots 0001FECE
Emperor's Cuirass 0003ABB9
Emperor's Gauntlets 0001FED0
Emperor's Greaves 0001FED1
Emperor's Helmet 0001FED2
Emperor's Robe 0000C4D5
Enchanterbane Helmet 00049514
Escutcheon of Chorrol 0006BDFE
Extinguishing Shield 0004951E
Eyes of Akatosh 0004951B
Fence Cuirass 00049154
Ferocious Cuirass 0004968C
Fin Gleam 00082DD8
Fire Greaves 00049512
Fire Ritual Greaves 00049699
Firewalker Greaves 00049176
Fists of the Drunkard 000CA11A
Flamewalker Greaves 0002C229
Fleetfoot Boots 00049360
Flowing Greaves 0004939C
Footpad's Boots 00049156
Forgemaster's Gauntlets 00049523
Fortress Shield 00049653
Frost Shield 00049656
Frozen Shield 00049693
Fur Boots 00024767
Fur Cuirass 00024766
Fur Gauntlets 00024765
Fur Greaves 00024764
Fur Helmet 00024768
Fur Shield 000977BE
Gauntlets of Blinding Speed 00047891
Gauntlets of Brutality 00049691
Gauntlets of Brutality 0002C217
Gauntlets of Force 0004F3F3
Gauntlets of Gluttony 000CA11C
Gauntlets of Infiltration 00049155
Gauntlets of Life Detection 00049167
Gauntlets of Life Seeing 0004935C
Gauntlets of Life Sight 0004937C
Gauntlets of Lockbreaking 000A5780
Gauntlets of Might 00049669
Gauntlets of Passing 000A5781
Gauntlets of Potence 0004951F
Gauntlets of Punishment 0002C221
Gauntlets of Revelation 00049507
Gauntlets of Survival 0004969A
Gauntlets of the Battlemage 00047894
Gauntlets of the Equinox 0004936C
Gauntlets of the Forge 00049524
Gauntlets of the Fray 00049671
Gauntlets of the Gladiator 00049654
Gauntlets of the Horker 000489AB
Gauntlets of the Hunter 0004F3F0
Gauntlets of the North 0004965D
Gauntlets of the Pugilist 0004789B
Gauntlets of the Rat 000489A5
Gauntlets of the Scout 0004914A
Gauntlets of the Sentinel 00049665
Gauntlets of the Tundra 0004915C
Gauntlets of the Weaponmaster 0004788C
Gauntlets of the Woodsman 000489A3
Gauntlets of Vigor 00049500
Gauntlets of Winter 0004F402
General's Cuirass 00049655
General's Shield 00049369
Glass Boots 00036341
Glass Ceremonial Cuirass 000C560B
Glass Ceremonial Gauntlets 000C560D
Glass Ceremonial Shield 000C560E
Glass Cuirass 00036343
Glass Gauntlets 00036340
Glass Greaves 00036342
Glass Helmet 000733E6
Glass Shield 00036344
Gloves of the Caster 00047893
Greaves of Canyon Striding 00049364
Greaves of Fire Resistance 0004936B
Greaves of Fluid Motion 000493A4
Greaves of Free Movement 0004936F
Greaves of Freedom 0004F404
Greaves of Grace 0004937D
Greaves of Legerity 00049169
Greaves of Movement 0004938A
Greaves of Poise 00049398
Greaves of Proficiency 00049365
Greaves of Protection 00049382
Greaves of Purity 000493AB
Greaves of Quickness 0004914D
Greaves of Resilient Flesh 000478A3
Greaves of Shaded Rest 00049387
Greaves of Skill 00049152
Greaves of Spell Absorption 0004917E
Greaves of Spell Consumption 00049376
Greaves of the Acrobat 0004916E
Greaves of the Cat 0004899D
Greaves of the Deep Dweller 00049679
Greaves of the Everlasting 0004937F
Greaves of the Flame 0004965C
Greaves of the Footsoldier 0004916F
Greaves of the Kiln 000493A1
Greaves of the Laborer 0004966B
Greaves of the Monkey 000489A1
Greaves of the Rhino 000489A2
Greaves of the Sun 000478A1
Greaves of the Tree Runner 00049381
Greaves of the Tumbler 00049151
Greaves of the Unstoppable 0004969C
Greaves of the Warmonger 0004968B
Greaves of Well-Being 0004788F
Grounded Boots 000478A2
Guard Helmet 0002767C

Oblivion Armor Codes H-L

Armor Code
Hammerfell Shield 0004950A
Hand of Akatosh 00049657
Hands of Midnight 00082DDF
Hands of the Atronach 000CA118
Hardened Shield 000493A9
Heavy Raiment of Valor 000355FA
Helm of Ferocity 000CA11B
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw 000A5659
Helm of the Deep Delver 000CA119
Helmet of Arkay 00049506
Helmet of Enlightenment 00049363
Helmet of Exposition 00049396
Helmet of Life Detection 00049168
Helmet of Life Seeing 0004935D
Helmet of Life Sight 0004937B
Helmet of Magicka Resistance 0004936D
Helmet of Night Eye 00049175
Helmet of Power 00049522
Helmet of Spell Resistance 0004F403
Helmet of the Apprentice 0004915D
Helmet of the Deep 00049664
Helmet of the Drowned 000496A5
Helmet of the Flood 0002C24E
Helmet of the Hunter 0004F3F1
Helmet of the Lemur 000489AC
Helmet of the Mage 0004789E
Helmet of the Mind 00047890
Helmet of the Owl 000489A0
Helmet of the Scout 0004914B
Helmet of the Sentinel 00049666
High Rock Helmet 00049503
Horselord's Cuirass 0004F3FB
Huntsman Gauntlets 000A577B
Ice Cuirass 000478A0
Imperial Dragon Boots 000ADDA3
Imperial Dragon Cuirass 000ADD50
Imperial Dragon Gauntlets 000ADE26
Imperial Dragon Greaves 000ADE27
Imperial Dragon Helmet 000ADE2A
Imperial Horseman Helmet 0009416A
Imperial Palace Cuirass 00064F75
Imperial Watch Boots 0018AE4B
Imperial Watch Cuirass 0018AE4C
Imperial Watch Gauntlets 0018AE4D
Imperial Watch Greaves 0018AE4E
Imperial Watch Helmet 0018AE4F
Imperial Watch Shield 000653F7
Infiltrator's Gauntlets 00049172
Inquisitor's Gauntlets 0002C214
Inquisitor's Helmet 0002C212
Insulated Shield 000493AA
Iron Boots 0001C6CF
Iron Cuirass 0001C6D1
Iron Gauntlets 0001C6D2
Iron Greaves 0001C6D0
Iron Helmet 000733EB
Iron Mountain Shield 00049681
Iron Shield 000733ED
Ironheart Cuirass 00049502
Knights of the Thorn Shield 0012DD1D
Kvatch Cuirass 0002767A
Kvatch Shield 000352CD
Leather Boots 0002319B
Leather Bracer 000229A9
Leather Cuirass 0002319A
Leather Gauntlets 00023199
Leather Greaves 00023198
Leather Helmet 0002319C
Leather Shield 00025058
Legion Boots 00028ADE
Legion Cuirass 00028ADF
Legion Gauntlets 00028AE0
Legion Greaves 00028AE1
Legion Helmet 00028AE2
Legion Shield 000352D3
Leyawiin Cuirass 0002767B
Leyawiin Shield 000352CF
Light Iron Shield 00032D49
Light Raiment of Valor 0003563E
Lightfoot Boots 00049508
Lightning Run Boots 00049399
Lightning Strider Boots 0004F405
Lightning Strider Shield 0002ADCF
Lion's Paw Gauntlets 0004F3FA

Oblivion Armor Codes M-R

Armor Code
Mage Fighter's Greaves 00049683
Magebane Greaves 0002C247
Magehunter's Helmet 00049178
Magekiller Greaves 000496A4
Mage's Helmet 0004916D
Mageslayer's Helmet 0002C235
Magnifying Gauntlets 000A5782
Marathon Greaves 0004916B
Masque of Clavicus Vile 000228EE
Master Forge Gauntlets 0004966E
Merchant's Cuirass 00049171
Mercury Shield 00049678
Mithril Gauntlets 0002C100
Mithril Greaves 0002C102
Mithril Helmet 000733E4
Mithril Shield 000977C0
Monkeypants 000CA112
Monolithic Shield 0002C244
Moonlight Gauntlets 0004F3FE
Moonlight Shield 0004F3FD
Moonshadow Gauntlets 0002C224
Moonshadow Shield 0002C226
Mountaineer's Gauntlets 0004967A
Mountaineer's Shield 00049673
Mudcrab Shield 000489B2
Nighteye Helmet 00049368
Nimble Greaves 0004935F
Nord Gauntlets 00049177
Nordslayer Gauntlets 0002C233
Ogre Skin Shield 0002ADCE
Orcish Boots 0003634D
Orcish Cuirass 0003634F
Orcish Gauntlets 0003634C
Orcish Greaves 0003634E
Orcish Helmet 000733F2
Orcish Shield 00036350
Outrider Shield 00049163
Peak Climber's Boots 0004968F
Pinarus' Iron Cuirass 000CBD4F
Pit Boots 00008A78
Pit Cuirass 00008A76
Pit Gauntlets 00008A79
Pit Greaves 00008A77
Pit Helmet 00008A7A
Quartz Cuirass 000493A3
Quicksilver Boots 000CA113
Rasheda's Special 000CA114
Reflecting Helmet 000493A2
Retributive Justice 00049511
Riverwalking Boots 00049164
Rough Leather Boots 0015985B
Rough Leather Cuirass 0015985C
Rough Leather Gauntlets 0015985D
Rough Leather Helmet 0015985F
Rough Leather Shield 00047AC8
Royal Cuirass 00049516
Rugged Cuirass 00049501
Ruined Akaviri Shield 0001C161
Rusty Iron Cuirass 000661C1
Rusty Iron Gauntlets 000661C2
Rusty Iron Greaves 000661C3
Rusty Iron Helmet 000661C4
Rusty Iron Shield 000661C5

Oblivion Armor Codes S-Z

Armor Code
Salamander Scale Shield 0004899C
Salubrious Cuirass 0004F3F6
Savage Gauntlets 00049689
Saviour's Hide 00027107
Seastrider's Helmet 0002ADD1
Shaman Helmet 0004968D
Shield of Animus 0002C228
Shield of Elsweyr 0004950E
Shield of Frost 00049157
Shield of Grounding 00053D79
Shield of Justice 00053D76
Shield of Lightning 000496A3
Shield of Mirrors 000493A0
Shield of Nature's Vengeance 00049385
Shield of Reflection 0004F400
Shield of Retribution 00049677
Shield of Retributive Strike 0004F3FF
Shield of Returning 0004936A
Shield of Shattering 0004939F
Shield of Storms 00049375
Shield of Summer 00049366
Shield of the Divine 0004965A
Shield of the Elements 0004789D
Shield of the Empire 00049510
Shield of the Flame 00053D74
Shield of the North 00053D75
Shield of the Pathfinder 00049675
Shield of the Red Mountain 0004935E
Shield of the Sun 00049658
Shield of the Tower 00049519
Shield of the Turtle 00053D78
Shield of the Unbroken 000496A2
Shield of the Undefeated 00049663
Shield of the Unrelenting 00049690
Shield of the Untamed 00049698
Shield of Vengeance 0002C227
Shield of Vindication 0004915A
Shield of Winter Solstice 00049383
Shrouded Armor 000347F7
Shrouded Hood 000347F4
Silica Boots 000493AC
Skingrad Cuirass 0001DC4B
Skingrad Shield 000352D1
Skyrim Gauntlets 00049513
Slavemaster's Greaves 0002C239
Smelter Shield 000494FF
Smuggler's Boots 000A5783
Sniper Gauntlets 00049153
Snowblind Gauntlets 00049694
Snowblind Shield 00049695
Solid Shield 00049374
Spell Breaker 000897C2
Spellbinder Greaves 0002ADD0
Spellblocker Shield 0004915B
Spelltaker's Greaves 00049391
Spiked Shield 00049697
Stalwart Cuirass 0004F3F4
Steel Boots 000229A5
Steel Cuirass 000229A2
Steel Gauntlets 0001C6D8
Steel Greaves 000229A3
Steel Helmet 000229A4
Steel Shield 00023923
Storm Stomper Boots 0004969E
Stormhammer Boots 0004967D
Stormhammer Shield 00049682
Stormlord's Shield 0002C245
Stormrider Boots 0004938C
Stormrider Shield 00049390
Sunburst Gauntlets 0004950D
Swamp Boots 00049687
Sylvan Barkshield 0004938F
Sylvan Scout Boots 0004937E
Tempered Greaves 0004939D
The Gray Aegis 0002996A
Thiefhunter's Gauntlets 0004951C
Threefold Shield 00049386
Tiger Fang Shield 000489A9
Tireless Greaves 00049361
Tower of the Nine 000CA116
Umbra's Ebony Boots 0000A307
Umbra's Ebony Cuirass 0000A308
Umbra's Ebony Gauntlets 0000A309
Umbra's Ebony Greaves 0000A30A
Umbra's Ebony Helmet 0000A311
Umbra's Ebony Shield 0000A312
Unyielding Cuirass 0004936E
Valdemar's Shield 00187BBC
Viperbane Cuirass 00036355
Vvardenfell Trader's Cuirass 000A577D
Warforger's Gauntlets 0002C21D
Warmage's Helmet 0004966D
Warmaster Gauntlets 0004968E
Waterwalking Boots 0004917F
Weaponbane Cuirass 0004967B
Weaponward Cuirass 0004915E
Winterbane Shield 0004F3FC
Witchfinder's Shield 0004965B
Witchhunter Helmet 0004965E
Wizard's Helmet 00049150

There are many more codes you can use with the player.addItem cheat including codes for weapons, ingredient codes, and other miscellaneous item codes for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PC.