Everyday Objects That Have Human Faces

Moon with background of stars


kcbermingham/Getty Images 

Have you ever been going about your daily routine when suddenly you felt like you were being watched by a nearby inanimate object? Sure you have; we all have! This common psychological condition is known as pareidolia, and it can result in people seeing faces and other familiar patterns in everyday objects. According to Dictionary.com, "Pareidolia is the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features." So basically, if you've ever looked up and admired the Man in the Moon, you've experienced pareidolia.

As reddit's r/pareidolia subreddit points out, these patterns don't always have to be faces; it can be "things that look like something that it's not. Or sounds like something else. Or smells like something else. Things that unintentionally look like something else. PAREIDOLIA IS NOT JUST FACES!"

But honestly? The faces are the funniest examples of pareidolia. Check out these twenty funny examples of seeing goofy faces on everyday inanimate objects!

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Chewing on Laundry

dryer face


"Om nom nom... this laundry is delicious!"

How clean do you think this thing's mouth is?

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These Boxes Are up to No Good

Boxes that are lined up to look evil

 Just Something

You shouldn't trust these boxes at all. They're definitely conspiring to do something nefarious. 

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The Chicken Church

chicken church


This funky chicken is actually called the Church by the Sea and it's in Madeira Beach, Florida. But honestly, everybody who sees it thinks the same thing: Whoa, what's up with the Chicken Church?

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'Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!'

Bath tub upside-down on lawn

 Sad and Useless

Somebody give this tubby tub a hand, would ya? He looks like a turtle on his back who can't quite right himself.

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Screaming Peppers

pepper face


Well, this is awkward. Nobody wants to imagine that cutting into a green pepper will result in... this. Yikes.

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Angry Mop Head Is Watching You

mop face


While you're mopping the floor with this thing, don't be surprised if you suddenly hear a low voice say, "You missed a spot."

Say what you will about this mop man, he's got a glorious head of hair.

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Milk Jug Man

milk jug face

 Bored Bug

This jug of milk looks like something off of Easter Island.

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Go Home Wall, You're Drunk

drunken wall

 Ruin My Week

If this wall looked any drunker we'd be handing it a bottle of water and calling it an Uber. Let's just hope it avoids getting covered in graffiti like some other drunk people we know.

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Scandalized Tub Can't Believe His Eyes

tub face


Hope you don't mind having this tub dude watching you bathe.

"When was the last time you shaved your legs, Karen? Gawd."

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Slow Down, You Maniac!

sunglass holder in car that looks like a face

 sad and useless

That awkward moment when your car itself becomes a backseat driver...

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This Root Is a Blunt Kind of Guy

stoned root

Runt of the Web

We're not saying he's stoned out of his gourd, but... just look at him. He can barely even open his eyes. He looks like the type of guy that has a few good stoner jokes.

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Aw, Man. Is It Monday Again?

alarm clock that looks like a face

Loud Laugh 

This sad alarm clock looks like all of us feel on Monday mornings. Where do the weekends go, anyway?

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Happy Little Airplane

Smiling Plane on runway

Sad and Useless

Wasn't there a Disney movie about this smiling airplane? Something about happy planes, flying around, doing plane things. Can't think of what it's called, but was definitely about planes.

Oh YEAH. It was called Planes. Go figure.

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Look at Those Chompers

bottle opener that looks like a tooth face


He may have a scary set of sharp teeth, but at least he's friendly and enthusiastic!

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Monsieur Toilette

toilet face


This is such a cute toilet face, you'd almost feel bad for pooping in it. Almost.

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Come at Me, Bro!

fighting face


Angry exercise man wants to fight you. Put up your dukes!

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He Vants to Suck Your Blood

back of a car that makes it look like a vampire car


Vampire meets automobile. As we say on the internet, "still a better love story than Twilight."

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Buckle up With My Big Tongue

seatbelt that looks like a face


Go ahead, pull on his tongue and fasten it for safety. It's the law!

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What Do You Mean You Want to Come In?

pillars that look like shocked faces


These pillars are shocked — SHOCKED — that you want to enter this dwelling.

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Cookie Monster, Is That You?

Cookie Monster looking geode


Behold the rare Cookie Monster geode! Now I have seen everything.

So there you have it, twenty examples of funny faces found in everyday objects. Unlike hearing voices, seeing faces that aren't really there is actually pretty cool. As far as psychological issues go, I'll take pareidolia any day.