Nurse Resignation Letter and Email Examples

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Are you resigning from a job as a nurse? What's the best way to handle your resignation? A letter of resignation is the last impression that you, as an employee, make on your colleagues at work. Just as important as a good first impression, your future job prospects may be adversely affected if you leave behind a negative legacy.

With some planning, you can leave your current job and still maintain a positive relationship with your previous supervisor and employer. It's important to keep your resignation simple and straightforward, and not disclose more information than the details of your departure.

Here's how to resign from a nursing position, what to include in your resignation letter or email, and tips and advice for resigning.

What to Include in Your Resignation Letter

The date your resignation is effective. You should mention the date you will officially finish so that the employer can find your replacement. If possible, aim to give your supervisor at least two weeks' notice, but be prepared if they would like you to leave sooner after having tendered your resignation.

Thanks and appreciation. You can thank your supervisor and colleagues for their help and support during your tenure in the position. A successful resignation letter should not only pave a path to your new job but also help maintain a cordial relationship with your former employer.

Reason for leaving (optional). You don't need to provide a reason for leaving, but if you do decide to include one, your letter of resignation should explain concisely to the employer that you have made the decision to leave your position, without placing blame or making any disparaging comments about the work environment or your colleagues.

It's always best to keep it positive—you may need a reference from this employer in the future.

Sometimes saying less and focusing on the positive aspects of the job you’re leaving behind is the best strategy.

How to Write a Letter of Resignation

Your letter should be formatted like any business correspondence, unless you are sending an email.

Contact information. A business letter begins with your name, title, and contact information, followed by your supervisor’s name, title, and contact information. The date follows, and then you begin your letter with a formal salutation.

Body of letter. The body of your letter should let your supervisor know your last date of work, and express appreciation for your tenure with the facility. You can mention things you’ve learned or people you enjoyed working with.

Keep your comments positive. Prospective employers may contact previous supervisors, and you want to be remembered as a pleasant team player who did an excellent job.

If it's feasible, you could offer to help train your replacement or assist in the transition in some other way.

Formal closing. Close with your best wishes for continued success and a polite closing, followed by your signature.

Nurse Resignation Letter Examples

Review an example of a formal letter and an email message sent to resign from a nursing job.

Resignation Letter Sample

Ms. Barbara Vredenburgh, RN
1552 Magnolia St.
Macon, GA 12321

June 10, 2022

Ms. Cecily Danison
Happy House Retirement Home
120 Happy House Road
Macon, GA 12321

Dear Ms. Danison,

I am writing to inform you of my resignation from the position of Head Floor Nurse at the Happy House Retirement Home. My last day of work will be June 24, 2022.

Working at the Happy House has been rewarding in many ways, and I wish all the residents and the staff good luck in the future.

Please let me know if I can assist in the transition in any way.

Respectfully yours,

Signature (hard copy letter)

Barbara Vredenburgh, RN

Nurse Resignation Email Example

Subject: Mary McCarthy Resignation

Dear Mr. Rennick,

Please accept this letter as notification of my resignation from the position of Nurse Coordinator at the Cancer Center of City Hospital. My last day of work will be July 1, 2022.

I have enjoyed my tenure at City Hospital, and I appreciate the opportunity I had to work with the excellent staff there. I learned a lot about ongoing cancer care and the research being done at the hospital.

If I can assist in any way during the transition, please let me know. Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a fine group of people.


Mary McCarthy

Tips for Sending an Email Message

Subject. If you’re emailing your letter, the subject should indicate the content of your message. “Subject: Charles Thompson Resignation” will make clear what the email is about, and the importance of reading it right away.

Greeting and body of the message. The salutation and the body of your letter will be the same, regardless of the way you send it. Remember to be positive and appreciative of the job experience.

Closing and signature. Add a closing, then type your name, including contact information, under the email message.

Make sure you carefully proofread and send a test email to make sure the formatting is correct.

More Resignation Letter Examples

Review more sample resignation letters that can be tailored to fit your own circumstances.