The Best Nose Hair Scissors and Trimmers

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Nose hair scissors are not something most people want to talk about. Some women may need a little help in this department, but it's mostly the men especially as they leave their youth behind that find protruding hair to be a problem.

You probably don't want to ask your golf buddies what they use to nix this situation. Let us spare you this conversation. We've put together the best-rated scissors and trimmers to help you find one in your budget and other features you might find important- like a multi-tasking tool to help you groom other areas.

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Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors

Tweezerman Ear and Nose Hair Scissors
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These scissors can cut hair from the nose, mustache, eyebrows and the outside of ears with rounded edges for safety. While Tweezerman makes a couple different facial hair scissors, this specific model was rated high because many said it doesn’t pull hair, it’s sharp enough to cut coarse hair and lasts a long time.

The main complaint is that it doesn’t cut hair down really short because the actual cutting portion of the scissors aren’t long enough and the edges are too thick to be inserted somewhat in the nostril. However, it’s only meant to go slightly inside the nose to cut visible hair.

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Rubis Switzerland Ear/Nose Hair Scissors

Rubis nose and ear hair scissors
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Rubis, a Swiss company known for their excellent tweezers, manicure sets and scissors make these ear and nose scissors with hardened blades and rounded safety edges. They're known for their outstanding quality and for being very sharp, trimming the hair without pulling.

Some said that the end is too thick, so they can’t cut the hair inside the nose really short. Be aware: These are not made to be put directly in the nose, or ears for that matter, just to trim the edges. You'll want to try one of the trimmers below if you want to do more than that.

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Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Groom Mate XL Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer
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This very compact and battery-free device works manually by twisting the bottom of the trimmer gently back and forth to cut nose or ear hair, using a 100% stainless steel rotary blade system. Many users rave about its small size allowing hair to be cut very short, how easy it is to clean, never having to pay for or change batteries, and pain-free trimming. Some think it's awkward having to use two hands and that it does yank hair-- at least every once in a while.

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Mangroomer Stainless Steel Detail Groomer

Mangroomer Stainless Steel Groomer
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Made of stainless steel, it comes with three attachments that can be used for wet or dry manscaping. One blade attachment allows for nose and ear trimming. The precision trimmer head attaches to trim the neckline and sideburns. And the eyebrow trimmer with comb is made to clean up the brows.

Many users rave that it doesn’t cause pain by pinching or pulling on the hair, it’s easy to change heads and cleaning is fast. Several said it's made solid, while some think it feels flimsy and that the batteries get eaten up too quickly.

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Andis Fast-Trim Cordless Personal Trimmer for Nose & Ears

Andis Fast Trim for Ears and Nose
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A company that has its name on many professional salon clippers and trimmers, Andis, is the maker of this basic gadget that sells this very reasonably priced tool. It’s made to trim both the nose and ears with surgical steel blades that can be rinsed to clean. Many were impressed with how well it works cutting hair without tugging, and say it does a better job than other more expensive trimmers. Some others think it gets overheated quickly.

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Wahl 5546-200 Ear, Nose and Brow 2-in-1 Deluxe Lighted Trimmer

Wahl Nose and Brow Trimmer
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This multitasking, wet/dry device comes from Wahl, a big name brand in salon clipper and trimmers at a drugstore price. It has a mini spotlight and a dedicated tool for the nose.

Many users agree that it works well, is easy to use and doesn’t pull- but there’s little to no use for the light. A few aren’t happy with the closeness or smoothness of the trim.