Normal Weird Stuff Your Body Does During Puberty

Puberty. It’s the time in life when your body matures from child to adult, and when it strikes lots of very weird things start to happen. Some are purely physical changes while others are more mental or emotional but no matter how strange these changes may look or feel they are all very normal. Here are some common changes the pubescent body experiences complete with proven solutions that will help you manage them.

You start to smell… bad.
As the body matures one of the very first changes that tweens and teens take note of is the emergence of body odor. While it can be somewhat embarrassing at first body odor is very, very normal and super easy to deal with. What do you do when the stench takes root? Simple, buy some deodorant and use it daily. Problem solved.

You start to sweat… lots.
As a child your body sweats in reaction to intense exercise or external heat but when puberty hits you may find yourself sweating more often and in situations that never would have caused you to sweat before. Again this is totally normal and is part of the physiological adaptation your body endures as it matures. Sweating is the way the body cools itself when it gets hot be that from external causes or elevated heart rate. Since an elevation in heart rate can occur due to physical exertion, a.k.a. exercise or emotional responses, like fear, sweating is a natural by-product. During puberty your body is getting used to new emotions and the responses to these unfamiliar feelings can cause you to sweat. Also, since this is a time of rapid growth the very act of growing can cause you to sweat. Finally, the chemical changes your body undergoes during puberty can cause you to literally sweat it out. How do you handle the sweats? When buying a deodorant, choose one that is also an antiperspirant. This is a simple solution to a complex all-be-it normal problem.

You get hairy.
An inevitable part of puberty is the growing of body hair. Whether you like it or not your going to get hairy. How hairy and where you grow hair depend largely on genetics and gender but no matter who you are you are going to grow some. You will grow hair under your armpits. You will grow hair around your genitals. Guys, and even some girls will grow facial hair, and the hair on other parts of your body will become coarser and therefore more noticeable. Once again, like deodorant/antiperspirant, the solution to this very normal phenomenon can be found at your local drug store. You have a variety of hair removal and control options and only you can decide what is right for you. You can use a razor and some shaving gel or foamy soap, you can try depilatories or waxes or you can get high tech and look at lasers treatments (not available at the drug store). Whatever you choose the bottom line is that body hair is something that doesn’t have to scare you.

You break out.
Zits are a yucky part of puberty that have a variety of causes. External factors, like how clean you keep your skin, and internal ones, like your DNA and hormonal fluctuations, each play roles in determining how badly acne afflicts you. The life-lottery makes it so that some people have very few problems with their skin while others suffer greatly. You can’t fight your DNA but you can mitigate it. Again, it’s off to the drug store for zit zapping remedies. There are over the counter products that work well for run of the mill acne issues or your doctor can prescribe something stronger if your zits are running wild. Either way, during puberty, and even into adulthood, zits will be a part of your reality and you are just going to have to learn to live with them.

You lose sleep.
For reasons nobody fully understands puberty is a restless time and you don’t sleep as well. For this reason, teens seem to need more sleep than children or adults. Some of the causes for this sleeplessness are external, for example social causes like parties or sporting activities and anxiety relating to peer pressures and interactions, and others are internal, like the fact that a growing and developing body is going to need extra energy to thrive. Whatever the causes are it is a well-documented fact that teens sleep more than other age groups. Once again the solution to this problem is simple, sleep as much as possible and as much as your body signals it needs you to.