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8800 Series

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The no!no! 8800 Series is a hair removal product calling its technology Thermicon™ using heat to singe the hair below the skin. It’s a bit different than their Classic model as it can be used on the face. And except for the breast and genitals, it can be used on the body. See the product's profile for more information.


  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Easy to hold and carry


  • Burning hair smell
  • Buffer doesn't smooth down coarse hair
  • Tricky using over curves of face


  • Manufacturer: Radiancy
  • Usage: Make hair less noticeable on face or body
  • Options: Different colors available
  • Basic Kit Includes: no!no! Hair , two thermicom tips (one wide, one narrow), a buffer, cleaning brush, charger, quick guide and user manual on CD

Guide Review

This testing is being done by my friend whom we’ll call “Montana”. Like many women she has struggled with noticeable facial hair, some of it coarse. Shaving has been her method of choice as she has found it to be the easiest way to remove hair on her chin, upper lip, cheeks, jawline and upper neck.

Getting Started

The hair needs to be about one to three mm, (stubble length) and the skin clean and dry. The device is glided over the skin and the light is supposed to stay blue on the screen, without flickering. A red light will show up if it's not moving the correct way.


When trying it out for the first time, her arm was used for ​practice and she got it to move well with the blue light staying lit. However, on her face, she found it more difficult as the light kept flickering. It was hard to navigate over the curves of the face, especially the skin above the lip and the chin.

After using the device for eight times she really started to get the right gliding movement down and the blue light was staying lit. She really liked the light display feature, so she knew when it was going right and when it wasn't.

Pain and Smell

Montana said it was never painful and she didn't feel the heat at first. After the eighth time when she got the gliding movement down, she did start to feel some heat. She did get a little redness sometimes, but it never was sore or hurt. Two times an area above her lip was caught, and it left a mark that lasted for about a week that looked like a burn.

The smell of burning hair is a good sign, the company says that it's doing its job. She did experience this and admitted the stench was strange and hard to get used to.

The Buffer

After using the no!no! a buffer included with the kit can be used to take some length off the hair. But she found that it did nothing for her facial hair and was basically useless, she still had to shave afterwards. However she still buffed away to keep up with the steps she was supposed to be doing to test the product.

no!no! Smooth

After using the device each time the company recommends that their no!no! Smooth Skin Care After Treatment Cream or another lotion that doesn't contain alcohol be applied. This cream isn't included in the basic kit and contains an ingredient made to slow down hair growth. The cream stung Montana, especially the first couple applications. But on the plus side she thought it smelled great.

Time Taken

Once she got the real hang of it, the device was very quick to use. To use it on the cheeks, chin, jaw, lip and upper neck took about five minutes. She said the motion and timing is similar to how long it would take to use an electric razor.


After four to six weeks of use at two to three times per week, results may be seen. It doesn’t get rid of the hair. The company points out that, “it will grow back looking thinner and finer.” They also explain that it will work on thick hair, but it might take more than four to six weeks to notice changes.

After the eleventh session, she noticed the hair seemed to look white. When using the device twice a week for six weeks and applying the after-treatment cream each time, Montana noticed a little difference. She explains, “Hair does not seem to be less thick, but doesn’t seem to be coming in as fast. I’m still shaving.”

The following week, she skipped a day shaving so she could see any differences more clearly. The hair seemed less a little less noticeable somehow than before beginning to use the no!no! but she couldn't exactly pinpoint why. It possibly may have been lighter as it still felt the same thickness when she brushed over it with her thumb.

Stay Posted

I’ll keep you posted on her progress and update this piece. We’re not sure if this is as good as it’s going to get, or if there’s going to be more of a change to less noticeable as some of her facial hair is thick.

One Year Update

Montana has continued to use the no!no! for well over a year now, anywhere from two to four times a week. During that time she’s caught her lip two more times when she was in a hurry, but not lately as she says she has really become a pro with it.

She stopped using the cream. There didn’t seem to be any difference in reducing the hair if she used it or not.

We’ve given it a​ lot ​of time to see if it the results would improve over the six week mark. The hair does seem less noticeable and maybe slightly finer than before using the no!no!. Mostly she thinks it’s less noticeable because the hair is lighter. But she hasn’t found the results to improve since last checking in at six weeks, but it has continued to stay the same.

Montana loves that it’s as fast and easy as shaving. She really wished there were much better results. When I asked if she thought it was worth it, she said she might pay $20 - $50 for it, but not anywhere near $300 without getting some major hair reduction.

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